10 Weird Habits We Started Only After Becoming Beauty Editors



Beauty editors are an obsessive—nay, focused—bunch. Get us all in one room and the conversation will shift quickly to highlighters and wave sprays, tiny needles and jade rollers. (We can attest to this because it’s actually happened.) Some of us may have started with modest beauty routines that blossomed with time on the job; others have been beauty buffs from the beginning, only widening their knowledge and prowess through their profession. Either way, we now all do some pretty weird things in the name of beauty, things that might make the average woman blanch (or doubt our sanity).

Team Byrdie isn’t an exception to the beauty-editor rule, which is why we’re letting our (glitter-adorned) freak flags fly for all to see. Ahead, you’ll find 10 strange, secret parts of our routines that we swear make our hair shinier, makeup more airbrushed, and skin more radiant (like it’s constantly swathed in Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003). In the name of beauty, keep scrolling to see the weird habits we started only after becoming beauty editors.