This Personality Type May See the Most Weight Loss Results


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Navigating social settings can be really tough on an introvert—anxiety, stress, and insecurity can run rampant. But, there's a solution (and it's a really healthy one at that). 

According to a writer at Mind Body Green, exercise is paramount for those with an introverted personality type. The writer describes her experience at a huge conference, a situation that would usually overwhelm her, as one that was pretty life-changing. "I would feel incredibly anxious and exhausted early on, Krista Stryker wrote, "which usually led to a dampened experience and the feeling that I wasn't being my true self." She spent days surrounded by people, but the fact that she also had "wellness leaders, healthy food, and lots of cactuses," she remained calm. 

The exercise schedule was an intense one, but it ended up leveling out her energy, allowing her to focus on herself and reduced her stress levels. She hiked, swam, and worked on her yoga practice. Stryker explained, "When you subject yourself to the stress of exercise enough, your body will eventually get better at handling the rest of life's stressors, including big events." The consistent exercise also boosted her confidence because, duh, have you ever finally landed a handstand or reached the top of a mountain? It's invigorating and exciting to struggle and then succeed. To feel yourself making progress in a workout class easily spills over to other parts of your life. 

The best part? "Exercise releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that's necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness, Stryker says. "So run, jump, and play, and be happy!" 

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