6 Fragrances That Smell Like Clean Laundry


Isabella Behravan

Especially after the grind of a long, stressful week at the office, there's nothing we look forward to more than slow weekend mornings without anything on the agenda—aside from sleeping in, leisurely sipping a cup of coffee, and maybe cuddling (S.O. or pet—whichever) as the hours idle by. But even if we do have to rush off to brunch, the farmers market, or a less ideal obligation, the next best thing is a fragrance that evokes everything we love about staying in bed: clean, crisp sheets; bare skin; and a general eau de lazy.

Fortunately, there are a handful of perfumes that do exactly that—just a spritz of these scents brings us back to that happy place, no matter where we are or how much we're hustling. Keep scrolling to see our favorite fragrances for a weekend morning.

What's your favorite weekend scent? Call it out in the comments below.