10 Fragrances That Smell Like Clean Laundry



There are few things more calming than the scent of fresh laundry. It's such a special scent, in fact, that many brands have attempted to bottle it, offering perfumes and fragrances that call to mind crisp linen, clean water, and the tranquility of a fresh pile of warm clothes.

As far as perfumes go, these strike the balance between clean and sexy—offering that can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it scent that's so hard to attain.

Below, find 10 of our favorite fragrances that smell like clean laundry.

Byredo Toile Textile Perfume

Byredo Toile Textile Perfume $70.00

Imagine burying your face into warm sheets fresh out of the dryer, and you have an idea of what this Byredo fragrance smells like. Toile is the Swedish brand's first-ever textile perfume, formulated to enhance the scent of your just-washed clothes and linens. And the understated blend of bergamot, lily of the valley, violet silk, amber, and cotton musk is intoxicating, like every fragrance from the collection.

Clean Skin

clean reserve skin
Clean Skin $110.00

If you're familiar with clean perfumes, you probably know that fresh, minimalistic scents are basically the brand's MO. But while there are a few that explicitly recall textiles, we're particularly keen on this warm fragrance, which plays off of musks, honey, and fresh air to evoke bare skin. It's sensual in a low-key kind of way.

Demeter Linen

Demeter Linen $24.00

We can always depend on Demeter for the most literal interpretations of scents—even when it's something we would honestly never think to ask for, like Earthworm or Tarnish—and this one is no exception. It's both crisp and delicate, like your freshest batch of laundry.

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning $160.00

Like every fragrance in the Replica collection, this scent has a nostalgic feel to it. Aldehydes, pear, lily of the valley, iris, rose, orange, musk, and a touch of patchouli and amber suggest the sweet, crisp, and slightly earthy combination of sheets and skin. It's easy, relaxing, and so lovely.

If your perfume comes in candle form, purchase it to make your favorite scent your home fragrance.

Philosophy Pure Grace

philosophy pure grace perfume
Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance $26.00

Florals can be heavy, but Philosophy's Pure Grace, with its blend of bergamot, water lily, lavender, jasmine, musk, and greenery, is light as air. It's the perfect complement to a lazy Sunday morning spent in bed.

Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras

Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras $330.00

Translated to "in your arms," this warm, romantic scent really has the air of a sweet embrace. Warm, rich notes like musk, cashmere, sandalwood, incense, and patchouli give it depth, complemented by softer notes of heliotrope and violet. Like a few of the other fragrances in our lineup, it aims to capture the intimate scent of skin—and does it beautifully.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Cologne forte Eau de Parfum

Aqua Universalis Cologne forte Eau de Parfum
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Cologne forte Eau de Parfum $140.00

This is one of the lightest scents from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, blending bergamot of Calabria and white musk with sweet pea and seringa for a fresh aroma.

DedCool Milk

DedCool Milk
DedCool DedCool Milk $90.00

This intoxicating scent features hints of bergamot, white musk, and amber to create a fresh, clean scent that mixes with your own unique body chemistry.

The Harmonist Sacred Water Perfume

The Harmonist Sacred Water perfume
The Harmonist Sacred Water Perfume $285.00

The Harmonist's Sacred Water fragrance offers notes of citrus fruits, spices, and minerality—all of which blend, the brand says, to "both invigorate and soothe the wearer, like the unfolding expanse of a tranquil sea."

Skylar Salt Air Eau de Parfum

Skylar salt air perfume
Skylar Salt Air Eau de Parfum $90.00

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