Gorgeous Wedding Nail Looks You Could Wear All Year Long

Gold tip mani with gold jewelry

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Weddings can be one of the best moments in a couple's life, preceded by an often momentous proposal. Between those two moments, there are countless tasks to plan for the ensuing ceremony, but one essential is commonly forgotten right off the bat—a manicure. Whether this was on your radar or not, once that ring slides onto your finger, your hand will inevitably be on display 24/7. We hate to add a task to your planner without offering some sort of solace as well, so we took it upon ourselves to scavenge the Internet for the best wedding manicures for every type of bride.

After the champagne is popped and the petals are swept away, check a box off your wedding beauty to-do list and head to the salon with these styles in mind. Choose from subtle details to modernized styles, any of which will have you all the more prepared to extend your hand when someone asks to see the ring. After all, your typical hue just won't do—especially when you're saying "I do." (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

Keep reading for 36 wedding nail art ideas appropriate for every season.

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Rose Gold Cuticles

This manicure is a minimalist's dream come true. A hint of glitter lining above your cuticles is a classy way to add a fun twist (that's still really subtle) to a traditional nude nail.

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Glitter Tips

You can never go wrong with a French manicure—especially when the tips are done in glitter as opposed to plain white.

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Pink Nude

If soft and subtle nails are more your speed, opt for a pink nude mani. Simple, yet elegant, it will never go out of style.

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Gemstone Cuticles

Here, we're taught how stunning a ballet-pink mani can look by simply adding a few gems at the base of each ring finger.

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Elongated French Tips

If you look closely, you'll notice that the white tips on this manicure are stretched down one side of each nail to create an asymmetric French design that simply can't be ignored.

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Seeing Stars

If you're seeing stars preparing for your big day, consider this stellar manicure that's easy to create.

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Deco Design

These dainty negative space nails will look perfect in any complementary shade pairing of your choosing.

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Gold Leafing

While a work of art in themselves, these pearl nails with gold detailing will work to emphasize—rather than distract—as you walk down the aisle.

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Sheer Iridescence

These sheer iridescent nails aren't so much art as they are an awe-inspiring coat of light-reflecting color. We don't know about you, but we're getting happily-ever-after fairytale vibes.

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Something Blue

Let these powder blue nails serve as your "something blue" for your wedding. They're a deviation from your general pink, whites, and glitters, which is why we love them all the more.

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French Ombré

Or, let your something blue be a peek of color popping out from the inside of the nail. On top, French ombré nails embody one of the year's biggest trends.

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Outlined Nails

Why cover your whole nail in color when you can get away with simply outlining them?

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White Negative Space

With two swoops of fresh white paint on each nail bordering a negative-space center, this wedding mani is retro and chic.

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Blue Sparkle

This baby blue manicure has white clouds and painted-on sparkles for a dreamy nail look that will pair beautifully with your engagement ring.

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Scalloped French Tips

If you love a French mani but want to take it up a notch, consider this scalloped take on the classic.

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Dreamy Glitter Nails

Who said you can't wear full-on glitter nails to your wedding?

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Gold Dip

Silver and white aren't for everyone. If you prefer a gold wedding mani, check out this dipped metallic option.

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Pretty in Pink

For a fun, feminine nail look, check out this pale pink mani that's accented with silver glitter.

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Confetti Tips

Forget about polished French tips, this confetti-tipped version is the way to go if sparkle and shine are on your mind.

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Positively Pink

Fun, flirty, and feminine, glittery pink nails will get you from the ceremony to the dance floor.

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Glitter Dots

To recreate this look, paint your nails nude or pale pink and add a single dot of metallic rose gold polish to the center of the base of each nail. Finish with topcoat.

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Matte White

These matte white nails might only use one color, but they make quite a lasting impact.

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Gold Lines

Every once in a while all you need to create a stellar nail look is a single, gold-glitter line down the center of each nail.

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Glitter Base

Instead of glitter at the tips of your nails, consider this look that adds sparkle and shine just above your cuticle.

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Silver Stripes

The same way gold stripes can make quite a splash, so can silver over white.

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Champagne Tips

This thick French manicure design showcases a half-moon of negative space at the base of each nail—which, BTW, is easy to DIY.

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Blush and Gold

If you can't settle on one color for your wedding-day nail look, consider this option that lets you layer blush with gold.

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Art-Deco Designs

If you love vintage details, you'll dig this Art Deco-inspired manicure that reminds us of exclamation points—which seems pretty fitting given you're likely stoked for your big day.

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Negative Space Squares

Sure, white polish is pretty, but add a negative-space square at the base of each nail and your manicure will be gorgeous.

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Glitter Ombré

Take your ombré nails to the next level by bedazzling them with glitter. After all, a little sparkle goes a long way.

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Dreamy Tips

With abstract swipes of white and splotches of glitter, these negative-space nails will add a dreamy quality to your big day.

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Coffin Nails

These coffin-shaped nails employ lines and gems to create a wedding-day mani that can't wait to be shown off.

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Double-French Tips

These double-arced nails might be minimalist, but they make a major statement.

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Petal Gem

The caption of these glitzy nails says it best: "Bling, but make it dainty!!"

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Pink Pair

Prefer pink nails? This half-and-half mani lets you wear two shades.

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Classic French

Nail trends may come and go, but if you're shopping for a look that will stand the test of time, a French mani is it.

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