50 Romantic Wedding Makeup Looks to Wear on Your Big Day

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Whether you've envisioned every detail of your wedding day for as long as you can remember, or find yourself a tad overwhelmed with planning such an important event, makeup should be the last thing that stresses you out when it comes to your big day. For brides that want to keep their look natural, and to anyone feeling the need to go bold—there's plenty of inspiration to go around for everyone. Ahead, we've rounded up the best and most beautiful romantic makeup looks that are perfect for your wedding day—everything you need is right here.

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Smoky Bronzed Goddess

A smoky bronze eye paired with nude lipstick looks beautiful with a white dress (or any color dress, really) and is ideal for wedding makeup because of how polished it is. Apply the bronze shadow as your base color and then build from there. It will set the tone perfectly for whatever else you decide to add to it.

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The Eyes Have It

Charcoal grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner paired with soft pink cheeks and lips are a beautiful combination fit for a bride. Apply the shadows first if you're going to be creating a particularly smoky look, and be sure to clean up any shadow fall-out before moving on to your complexion makeup such as foundation and concealer.

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Queen Of Earthy-Neutrals

Earth-toned neutrals on the eyes and lips paired with poppy blush and highlight demonstrate the best way to incorporate a dressier wedding day makeup look all while using more natural colors. For the smoothest skin, try using Yubi Beauty's Buff and Blend Duo to apply your liquid foundation for an airbrushed finish for your complexion.

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Natural Beauty

Natural makeup is common for weddings because often times brides want to look like themselves, just a bit more enhanced. This look includes beautiful and natural tones on the skin and lips and has the slightest touch of dramatic detail on the eyes. Liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes can help create this effect, you'll love feeling more glam than usual.

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Soft, Rosy Mattes

The rosy matte colors and textures pictured here are ethereal and fresh, the skin is softly contoured and the lips, gorgeous. it's also important to note how well the eyebrows are shaped. Wearing the same colors on the cheeks and lips allow for an overall natural feel that will hold up well through your planned festivities. For a soft rose blush color, try Lumene Invisible Illumination Watercolor Blush.

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Touch Of Glam

Dark chocolate smoky eyeshadow and black liner along with individual lash pieces create a glam eyeshadow look that isn't complicated. Add in glowing skin and a pinky-nude lip, and you're ready to walk down the aisle. If you have a strapless dress, you can add a highlight to your shoulders and decollete area by applying ALLEVEN London Colour Shield Glow Luminzing Body Enhancer, and Bathing Culture  Outer Being Face and Body Oil.

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Pop Of Pretty

A bold swipe of color on the lips with minimal eyeliner and flushed skin is a serious win for your wedding day makeup, especially if you're ceremony is outdoors and the weather is warm. Test out a few lip colors to ensure you find the right one and love it. This is an easy look to maintain through all your special moments and will also photograph beautifully. For this poppy lip color, check out Bare Minerals Mineralist Lipstick in shade "Abundance".

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Royal Flush

Flushed skin with just enough highlighter and lashes shows us how less is more for wedding makeup and we're here for it. For anyone who wants longer lashes, adding false eyelashes to eyes is an instant fix, while keeping the color to your cheeks and lips is a soft beauty look that you'll love wearing if you're more of a makeup minimalist. These faux lashes from House of Lashes come in several shapes to suit your needs.

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Vibrant Vows

A classic red lip brings a new level of sophistication to your wedding makeup if you dare to try something other than nude or soft pink. With a slightly detailed winged-out liner and dewy highlighter on the cheeks, the red lip remains the winning detail. Be sure to shape your lips with a matching lipliner to ensure nothing bleeds or runs where it's not supposed to.

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Bring The Drama

No shortage of glam here, this crimson lipstick with graphic eyeliner is a bold way to express yourself on your wedding day—and an excellent choice at best. Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes will help them to stand out more, and practicing the wing shape of your liner before your wedding day helps so you can get a feel for exactly how you want it. In search of a crimson lipstick? Check out Kevyn Aucoin's Unforgettable Lipstick in shade "Bloodroses".

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The Peachiest Glow

Naturally, sun-kissed skin and glowing peach hues look good everyday, yet this look can be everything it needs to be for your wedding makeup, if you say I do, that is. A soft, monochromatic palette of neutrals paired with lots of mascara to wake up the eyes is sure to be a head-turner as you're walking down the aisle.

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Glisten Here

Dewy, glistening skin will always be a good idea for your wedding day no matter who you are, so it's important to find out what highlighters you like best. From creams to powder formulas, test them out and find which one you like the most. Placing highlighter on the brow bone and cheek as pictured here is the ultimate finishing touch to any bridal makeup look. This highlighting powder from Becca Cosmetics has a beautiful finish.

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Smudged Out

Smudge a smoky eyeshadow on the lash line and move on to the next important step: glowing skin and nude lipstick. This eyeshadow look proves that you can add dimension to eyes without having to do a full-on smoky look. The chocolate hue is a nice switch-up from everyday blacks and browns.

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Bright-Eyed Wonder

Wearing eyeshadows that enhance your eye color is a nice touch for bridal makeup and there are so many color combinations that can do this. The soft mauve shades featured here are lovely, allowing eyes to stand out and the rest of the makeup to look clean and fresh.

To recreate the illuminated eyes that are integral to this look, use a peach color corrector to neutralize any dark circles, then go over your color corrector with concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone,

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Metallic Dream

Metallic shadows on the lids can add texture and shine, and are a nice switch up from matte formulas. Framing the metallic shadow with soft pink allows it to stand out just enough, and the glossy lips bring a well-balanced finish to the rest of the look.

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Radiant Raspberry

Raspberry lips are stunning for any wedding, and paired with a more sheer version of the same color for blush and eyeshadows is even better, honestly. Using similar colors allows your makeup to look cohesive, and adding a little extra touch on the eyes never hurt anyone, either. This look is a total win for your big day. This cream blush from Kjaer Weis gives a beautiful raspberry color to cheeks.

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Shimmer and Pout

Sparkly sheer eyeshadow paired with a deep, rich lip color allows for just enough glam on your big day—and it's always fun to include some sparkle in your makeup for an extra touch of happiness. Apply a sheer, shimmering shadow to the eyelids with your finger or a brush, and clean up any sparkle that may fall on the skin before moving on to the rest of your makeup.

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Berry Nice

Subtle warm and earthy tones envelop the eyes while a berry pout brings a punch of color for this makeup look, suitable for anyone about to tie the knot. Continuing with the shadow, you can see it's applied under the bottom lash line to enhance eyes ever so slightly, and lips are shaped to perfection.

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Think Pink

Think pink for this bridal look, as you can see traces of the happy hue on the eyes, cheeks, and as a lip color too. The eye makeup is beautifully blended while the lips are glossy and cheeks radiantly glowing.

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Rose Gold Gleam

Rose gold eyeshadow is complimentary to many skin tones and a touch of sparkle allows for the rest of your makeup to be sheer and natural. Moving on to the application of blush to cheeks and barely-there lip color, the glitter looks chic and works well with all the other colors. Rose gold is just right for someone who wants to test out something different for their wedding makeup without going too extreme.

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Yes To Monochrome

Monochromatic shades of vivid red sweep the lids and cheeks leaving just enough color to brighten skin and make a gorgeous statement. When you want to wear a monochromatic makeup look, using multi-use products that can be worn on the eyes, lips, and cheeks greatly help with this, allowing for the application to be easy and precise. The lips are slightly lighter in color, making the eyes and skin the most beautiful focus of all.

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Shiny Copper

Shiny copper eyes, bold brows, and a touch of gloss on the lips are giving us major inspiration as of late. The copper is an unexpected shade that makes eyes pop and is different enough from bronze and gold tones. Brush a brow pomade through the eyebrows to ensure the hairs stay in place and maintain their shape throughout the day.

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Lavender Love

A touch of lavender lipstick with silver shadow on the eyes allows for a different color combination that truly makes anyone feel chic. Lavender lips are a gorgeous alternative to commonly worn lipstick shades like pink or mauve. For the final touch, apply a setting spray to help keep makeup in place all day (and night) so nothing smears or smudges.

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Pop of Pewter

Pewter shadow on the lids blended out with black in the crease is a dressy look that works especially well with a nighttime wedding. To enhance the color on the eyelids apply an extra layer of shadow to keep the shimmer consistent and noticeable once your makeup look is complete. Think of it as the tiny last bit of detail that brings everything together.

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Amaranth Beauty

Hues of amaranth on the eyes, cheeks, and lips create a romantic feel for wedding day makeup while working together to create something quite complimentary. Since there are several different shades of pink, finding what works best with your personal skin tone will aid in making sure that you look and feel your best.

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Beauti-Foil Lids

Golden eyelids with a foil-like finish add the fanciest touch to wedding makeup and look gorgeous on deeper skin tones. Black liner applied under the eyes adds more definition and a deep berry lip compliments the other colors. Using a waterproof eyeliner will ensure that the liner stays in place and doesn't smudge or run throughout the day and evening.

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Soft Glam Eyeshadow

The eyeshadow pictured here creates a soft glam feel. The pinks on the lid and crease and exaggerated eyeliner at the corners of the eyes brings just enough depth to dress it up. Depending on what you're feeling like, you can add any sheer color that works with the shadows to the cheeks and lips to finish and your look will be complete.

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Fire Red Lips

Red lips come in all shapes and colors, and this fiery orange-red tone paired with smudgy black eyeliner and iridescent shadow is a modern twist on traditional wedding makeup. The most important thing when it comes to wearing a bold lip is to ensure you have a long-lasting formula that doesn't wear off or transfer when you want it to stay put.

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Golden Hour Bride

If you plan to wed outdoors during the summer, it's inevitable that everyone's favorite and most flattering hour (golden hour to be exact) will happen during your ceremony. This rich, golden light flatters skin tone and can really enhance colors like you see pictured here. An important essential? Make sure you've applied enough highlighter so your complexion gleams in the sunlight.

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Simply Mauve

Mauve and rose-colored eyeshadow dress up the eyes while the light contour on cheeks and nude lipstick do the rest of the work. Practice by blending the shadow all the way to the brow bone so it looks seamless, and finish with whichever nude lipstick color you prefer.

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Subtle Slate Grey

Matte eyeshadows come in a myriad of colors, yet this slate grey look caught our eye instantly, as it looks so beautiful paired with softer shadow on the lid giving well-rounded color and dimension. When working with matte eyeshadow textures, it's important to apply an eyeshadow primer first to ensure shadow stays in place and blends smoothly on the lids.

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Soft Smoke

Soft, smoky eyes can be a great go-to when wanting to wear something dressier for makeup. Start by blending the shadow in smaller amounts versus trying to apply too much too soon. This will result in a more sophisticated look that's not messy.

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You Glow Girl

Glowing skin is such an important detail not to be left out with wedding makeup, and there are a few ways you can get your complexion glistening. Wear liquid highlighters and cream textures on the cheeks for a more hydrated looking finish. This liquid eyeliner also pairs well with the soft lips and blush. For glowing skin, apply a primer before foundation that offers some hydration and a dewy finish. This Aglow Priming Oil can be worn under makeup to create a long-lasting glow.

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Shiny and Shimmering

Touches of the golden-bronze highlight here on the eyes and cheeks would be beautiful for a beach or outdoor wedding, as this look is made to flourish in the sunlight. The way the highlight is brought from the eyes to the cheeks is so simple yet incredibly poignant and the fresh lip tone brings the right element in for the final touch.

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Royal Blue Hue

This smoky eye adds a touch of something different by bringing in the smallest detail of royal blue eyeliner lined on the inner rims of the eyes. Adding one pop of color can completely change the tone of eyeshadow looks and this blue is the perfect example of why color should be incorporated into your wedding makeup.

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Keep The Drama On The Eyes And Lips

If there's going to be any drama on your wedding day, be sure to keep it on your eyes and lips only. This crimson smoky eye and lip look sealed with a touch of glitter in the center of the lids is a dream come true for anyone wanting to really take their makeup look to the next level.

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Juicy Apricot

Apricot hues on the eyes, cheeks and glossy lips bring warmth to the skin while allowing the detail of liquid liner to have a moment in the spotlight. Natural color combinations are always suitable for weddings and the opportunities are endless when you start experimenting with them. Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss in "Magic" adds the right amount of shine to any lipstick color without changing it.

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Lashes Are In

Long lashes never ruined anyone's day and these certainly won't interfere with one of the most important days of your life. A very soft makeup look paired with voluminous lashes checks all the boxes for subtle wedding makeup.

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No Gray Skies, Just Shadow

Grey, silver, metallic, oh my! The charcoal smoky eye with a shimmering highlight offers a different option for those brides who want to wear all the glam on their eyes. A champagne highlight on the cheeks paired with matte nude lipstick really ties the look together in the best way possible.

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Wingin' It

Don't have a plan other than winged eyeliner for your wedding day? We're here for it. Winged liner on the lids can add all the statement you need without worrying about anything else. Soft lips and blush color bring a classic look together for a lasting impression.

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Everyday Beauty

Shimmering champagne shadow, baby pink lips, and soft skin make this every makeup look ideal for your wedding day if natural is what you're aiming for. Minimal but just enough, it's perfect for any bride who wants to ease their way into wearing makeup for the big day and won't feel overwhelming, either.

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Earthy Eyes

Earth tones on the eyes, a few coats of volumizing mascara, and softly colored lipstick can give you a bridal makeup look in under an hour, what's not to love? The easy and effortless way this look flows together has us bookmarking it for wedding inspiration until further notice. Need help finding a good mascara? Grande Cosmetics GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara has a really thick brush and formula that helps bring serious volume to eyelashes.

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Barely-There Bold

Natural, glowing skin paired with a classic red lip is all you need to re-create this look, it's that simple. Natural eyes with mascara, a soft contour on the cheeks and a touch of highlighter all point to the red lip being the main statement. The ideal look for any bride who just wants romantic makeup on her wedding day. For red lipstick inspiration, check out Armani Beauty's Lip Maestro Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade "Redwood".

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Bohemian Babe

Brushed-up eyebrows, soft skin and a touch of sheer coral on the lips give us bohemian beauty vibes for makeup that's effortless and cool. The flow of it all feels relaxed, and it's the ideal makeup look for any bride wanting to look her best and not stressed for her wedding.

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Effortlessly Ethereal

The softness and sheer beauty of this look tie together delicate pink blush tones on the cheeks and lips, with very subtle champagne shadow on the eyes. A gorgeous approach to minimal wedding makeup that still looks as if you spent hours creating it.

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