I Asked 3 Different Stylists to Do My Wedding Hair—See the Photos

You don't have to be getting married to appreciate the art of a beautifully executed wedding hairstyle. In fact, you don't even have to like weddings. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost seven years, and we both feel pretty "meh" about the concept of having a wedding (so expensive, right??). But goodness knows I'm a sucker for a gorgeous wedding beauty look

If/when I do get married, I'm fairly certain I'll do my own makeup, but hair is another story. I feel confident about my everyday hairstyling abilities, but special occasion hair is a whole different beast. Especially considering how picky I am. IMHO, a lot of wedding hairstyles teeter dangerously close to the "prom" look (think overly complicated updos and gaudy hair accessories). I want my wedding hair to look romantic, effortless, and timeless. But beyond that, I actually don't have a specific vision.

To help me translate my taste into an actual look, I tapped three incredible hair stylists: Jenny Cho, Mara Roszak, and Melissa Hoyle. Keep scrolling to see their very different interpretations of my wedding hair!