I'm Doing My Own Wedding Makeup and Hair—Here's What I'll Be Using

When you're planning a wedding, you're asked the same turntable of questions: What does your dress look like? Where are you getting married? Are you excited? (The latter of which always makes me laugh a little—what if I said no?) Another question I'm always asked is How are you wearing your hair and makeup? Because I work in the beauty industry, I think people assume I've enlisted the help of a major glam squad and curated a Pinterest board full of inspiration, but in reality, I'm planning to do it myself.

The reaction I get when I tell people that I am my own wedding hairstylist and makeup artist is a mix of utter shock and fascination. The thought of a bride wielding her own curling iron and gluing on her own false lashes the morning of her wedding has most people dumbfounded, like it's going to be a burden and having someone else do it would put me at ease. But the truth is, almost every time I've gotten my hair and makeup done, I've hated it. My brows don't look right, my lips are overdrawn, my hair is flat—I can't risk that on one of the most important days of my life.

I'd rather put that responsibility on my own shoulders, especially considering I've been doing my own hair and makeup every day for the past 13 years. (I even once did the makeup for my cousin's entire bridal party since she'd forgotten to book an artist. I only had my own makeup bag on me so everyone was the same shade of foundation—hilarious, but it somehow worked). Doing my makeup is insanely relaxing to me. I love the entire process and escape into a state of zen when I'm tapping the Beautyblender and buffing on bronzer. No, getting ready won't be a burden at all—I know which products work for me and I'm excited to see it all come to fruition. 

Curious what I'll be using for my summer wedding? Take a scroll with me.

Opening Image: H&M

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