17 Hairstyles That Can Withstand Bad Weather


There isn't anything great about Great Britain's weather (especially its ability to ruin the best hairstyle within minutes of us leaving the house). Autumn and winter have a hair-destroying combination of wet and windy, and don't even get us started on the disappointment that is spring and summer—the changeable days, the hope for a heat wave that rarely ever comes and yet we still get frizz! *Picks self up off floor.* But it's not all doom and gloom (we promise), we have a stunning visual menu of hairstyles that will help you withstand whatever the weatherman has to throw at us, even those pesky cats and dogs.

Keep scrolling for the weatherproof hairstyles you need to know.


Look 1: Milkmaid Braid

Okay, this may look tricky, but it's super simple. If you have long hair then just pull it into pigtails, and braid each one securing with elastics. Then take the plaits and wrap them around your head and pin them in place. Totally windproof.


Look 2: Windswept by You

Another way to tackle a windy day is to take back control of anything the elements throw at us. In other words, go with that windswept look! Sweep your hair over into a side parting with your fingers and mist with Redken Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray (£13); it holds your desired volume and texture in place.


Look 3: Low Ponytail

If you can't be dealing with your hair on a wet or windy day then pull all the tendrils and flyaways into a low ponytail.


Look 4: Ear Tuck

A telltale sign of the weather wreaking havoc is around the hairline where it can go frizzy and wavy (and not in a good way). By wearing a sleek centre part and tucking the hair behind your ears, you minimise the possible destruction that can occur. Mist your parting with Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray (£13).


Look 5: The Hairband

Another way to control and protect your hairline from ending up a complete mess is to use a hairband to disguise what lies beneath. Try the Johnny Loves Rosie Cara Embellished Headband (£35).


Look 6: The Half Updo

Sometimes it's best to go with the flow. Texture-wise, don't spend too much time if the weather is particularly blustery or damp. Use Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo (£21) and Conditioner (£21). Rough-dry your hair, and pull the top into a hun.


Look 6: Kirby-Grip It

Not only does the addition of colourful kirby grips look great (note the colour matches the lipstick), but on a practical level, they help prevent your hair from twirling out of place, especially if you have a cowlick. Try Inca's red Kirby Hair Grip Slides (£3).


Look 7: Wear a Hat

You know, because sometimes the worst weather happens to the best people.


Look 8: The High Bun or Ponytail

If you limit the movement in your hair down to the swish of a ponytail or prevent any movement whatsoever with a sleek bun, you'll be in safe territory.


Look 9: Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are a totally on-trend way to weatherproof your hairSeriously, everyone is braiding their hair like this right now. 


Look 10: Add a Comb

Backstage hairstylists have been making a feature out of hair accessories that were once always hidden: think pins, grips and combs. The joy of a comb on a windy day is that it also helps keep hair in its place (by your head). Claire's Accessories has a pack of two hair combs for just £2.


Look 11: Add Texture

Backstage at Tanya Taylor's show in New York, hairstylist Allen Wood revealed how to create waves just like this without the need for tongs. Just be sure to mist with hair spray and you'll be good to go.


Look 12: Slick the Roots

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Use L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash (£14) to create a dual texture: wet-look roots and dry mid-lengths and ends. Just add a bold lip.


Look 13: Embrace That Wet Look

Or go crazy and liberally apply L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Wet Domination Extreme Splash (£14) over all your hair for a true wet look. 


Look 14: Cover Up

A thick headband is a great way to hide unruly hair while making a feature. People will think you've chosen to wear a headband, not that you need to wear one. Try Missoni's Metallic Crochet Knit Headband (£115).


Look 15: Braid Your Fringe

The fringe really does take the brunt of any bad weather, so hide it away in a braid. Just be sure to mist the rest of your hair with Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Mist (£12) to protect hair from whatever nature throws at it.


Look 16: The Sleek Ponytail

A super-sleek ponytail can look really cool—play with your parting to create different looks.


Look 17: The Statement Topknot

Bringing the topknot to your forehead makes a real statement, plus it's totally weatherproof.

How do you protect your hair from the elements? Share your tips and tricks in the comment box below.

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