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Zoom Date: Jordan Seamón and Francesca Scorsese Swap Beauty Secrets

Luca Guadagnino’s We Are Who We Are is one of the buzziest series to hit HBO this year. The coming of age drama follows two American 14-year-olds named Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Poythress as they navigate life on a U.S. military base in Chioggia, Italy in 2016, weaving themes of friendship, love, and identity into each episode. 17-year-old Jordan Seamón plays Poythress, a typically confident army brat who struggles to figure out where she belongs. Her best friend in the series is the shameless and outspoken Britney Orton, played by Francesca Scorsese

For Seamón and Scorsese, We Are Who We Are marked their first major acting debut, and going through the process together allowed the duo to forge a friendship that has lasted far beyond their last day on set. When I hopped on a Zoom call with Seamón and Scorsese and listened to them chat, it was immediately evident that the two shared a genuine bond. For 30 minutes, Seamón and Scorsese excitedly gushed about the dynamic characters they played, their quarantine beauty routines, and the biggest lessons they’ve learned in 2020. Keep scrolling to read their friend-to-friend chat.

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 Cristina Cianci

Francesca Scorsese: How are you doing, considering everything that's going on in the world right now?

Jordan Seamón: I'm actually doing really good, surprisingly. Everything that's going on in the world was able to slow the process of the show coming out which helped a lot and gave me time to finish my album and take some time to relax and train my new puppy, Nova. But, everything has been really good. Thank goodness.

JS: Have you picked up any new hobbies while you've been home, Francesca?

FS: Not anything too new. I've gotten much more into my interest in film photography. I haven't really gone anywhere to take film photos. Actually, I went to Maine but I didn't really use my camera there that much. But, I've become much more interested in it.

JS: You and I have to do a photoshoot together sometime.

 Cristina Cianci

FS: Yes! Since the pandemic started, what has your daily routine been like, and how is that different from what it looked like before? 

JS: Gosh, I wake up. I fix myself a cup of cinnamon iced coffee. Then, I spend a few hours with Nova, read over scripts, do interviews, if needed. And then I just like to take some time to watch Disney+ and then go to bed. 

JS: When did you first read the script for We Are Who We Are and what resonated most with you? What made you want to join the cast?

FS: Well, I read the script right after I got cast. Two of my big scenes in episode one were my auditions actually. So, when I was doing the audition, I was like, "What is this character? She's so confident, and I love it." I think that's one of the biggest things that resonated with me for Britney. I said this was going to be so much fun because she just doesn't care about what anybody thinks of her, which at the time was totally opposite of me. But. I thought it was also just so beautifully written and I loved how all the character arcs progress.

FS: What was it like to experience the launch of the show during a pandemic?

JS: To be 100% honest, it was terrifying. Absolutely, positively terrifying. I'm an only child, so I'm not used to getting a lot of attention, especially a lot of it so fast. And it was really, really scary to have people know who I was, immediately. It's growing every day. But, it's been nice to have people like you. And the rest of the cast has been so helpful too. You know, messaging me and keeping me happy and positive and just being wonderful people in general. I love you guys so much. But yeah, you guys make the experience 10 times better.

Francesca Scorsese
 Francesca Scorsese

JS: Do you have a favorite moment from set?

FS: All the times that we all hung out were my favorite moments. Just shooting some of the scenes where we were all together was so much fun because they're all such clowns, but also we all got along so well. And I feel I actually learned from a lot of you guys in so many ways. But, I feel like episode seven and episode four...the two big scenes...those are my favorite. They were so much fun even though they were freaking exhausting.

FS: What do you enjoy most about playing your character?

JS: I really enjoyed playing a character that was very outside of my comfort zone. Some people thought that Caitlin was a character that I played a million times, but I had never really played a very confident person in general. I either played someone really shy, or someone extremely mean. I always got cast as the mean girl for some reason. I don't know why. But, it was really interesting to play a character that was just so confident and knew what they wanted immediately in every single situation and didn't really back down from any kind of opportunity. It really helped and made me become a little bit more like Caitlin in that aspect of feeling a little bit more confident in myself. Francesca, serious question. How have you been practicing self-care and taking care of your mental health during this time? 

FS: I feel like I've had a lot more time to just be with myself. I don't usually have that time. I'm usually surrounded by people and I used to hate being alone. But then, when I went to Italy, I was typically alone when my best friend wasn't there and when I wasn't on set with you guys. So, I think I sort of eased into that. And then right when I came back, obviously, the pandemic happened. So I feel like I've just been more in touch with my emotions. I feel like I've had a lot more time to focus on being more mature as well. I feel like I realized a lot more things about myself that I didn't realize beforehand because I was too distracted by everything going on in my life.

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 Cristina Cianci

FS: What do you hope people take away from the show after watching it?

JS: I hope that people start a conversation. Once you see the show in its entirety, I hope that people will have a conversation and feel more comfortable with talking to not only their friends and family but also just having a dialogue in a sense with themselves–being more open and honest with themselves. I think that's what you know, We Are Who We Are is all about—people being open and honest about who they are. I hope people become a little bit more open and a little bit more accepting. 

JS: Now, Francesca, I actually really want to know this because you're beautiful. What is your skincare routine? What products are you loving right now?

FS: I was freaking obsessed with skincare when quarantine hit. I have my morning and my night routine. In the morning, I don't use a cleanser. But, I use vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and then sunblock because you always have to do your sunblock. I also use some undereye stuff. I feel like it's a caffeine thing that I had. It's from The Ordinary. And then at night, I use this probiotic facial cleanser. I haven't broken out, so I think it's working. I also use niacinamide. And if I have acne, I use manuka honey. That's my holy grail. It comes in these cute little packets. I swear, it gets rid of your pimples overnight. I'm also obsessed with the Peace Out Acne Patches. 

FS: What's been your approach to beauty while you've been home? And have you been playing around with makeup at all? Any favorite products?

JS: Since I've been home, I’ve actually tried to figure out a straightforward beauty routine. I never had one of those before. But now that I'm in the limelight and in people's faces, I feel like I need to have something that's basic and my go-to so people can easily recognize me if I do put on makeup. But, I have been experimenting a lot with makeup. I started actually playing with eyeshadow. 

As far as products, I just bought the e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer ($10). And I've never used primer before just because I kind of thought it was a fake thing that people told people to buy, but it didn't really work. But, I had a performance or something where I needed to look superduper flawless and I was like, let me just try a nice primer and I bought it and oh my god, my skin feels so soft and smooth when I'm done. Sometimes I just put on the primer and I won't put on any makeup. 

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 Jordan Seamón

JS: Francesca, what was your go-to beauty product on set? Did you learn any tips or tricks from Sveva, the onset makeup artist?

FS: The Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask ($50) always helped me. I had a lot of breakouts during the show and that was like the main thing that I would use religiously. I vividly remember them oiling us up with sunblock to make us glisten. I loved that. I also think Sveva used this Laura Mercier powder ($39). I actually bought it afterward. I also bought the concealer that she used because I was obsessed with it.

FS: So, you recently dyed your hair pink? What inspired you? [LAUGHS]

JS: Clearly, Francesca was the inspiration for me dyeing my hair. 

FS: Yeah, I was very aggressive about it. I was like, "You better dye your hair pink."

JS: You were and a lot of people still to this day don't believe me when I say that you were the one that made me dye my hair pink.  

FS: I was. Because I was Britney and she had pink hair. 

JS: It's not pink right now, clearly. But, it's still pink underneath all of this. I'm trying to go white now. I think in like a week or so I'm going to go for white, so it's still something bold and different. 

FS: You should do the thing that I sent you. Do you remember? The cheetah print. 

JS: I think after I do the white, I'll do the dots because now I have a professional hairstylist that does my hair. I can't do that by myself. 

Francesca Scorses
 Cristina Cianci

JS: Francesca, what is the best piece of beauty advice that you've received from your mom or from your sisters?

FS: I don't really know. I got really into beauty by myself. But, I will say my mom bought me my favorite lipstick out of nowhere and I was obsessed with it. It's a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. But, I also remember my mom always putting her hair in rollers and stuff and she would always do that to me too when I was little. 

FS: What is the biggest lesson you've learned in 2020?

JS: I've learned so many. I'm still learning so much because 2020 isn't over yet. I would say the biggest lesson that I've learned is to appreciate the people that have always been there or the people that you like to keep close. With the show coming out and all the press that I've done, it has been a really stressful and really scary time. But people like you, my best friend, my mom, my dad, and Natasha—you guys have been some of the most amazing people and have made the entire thing go so much easier and made me feel so much better about the entire thing. So, definitely just appreciating those people that have been there. I've definitely learned what real friendship is in 2020. I've had friends in the past, but, you know, everyone was iffy and wishy-washy, and I did so many things that I never really had time to settle down. But I've taken 2020 to see who my real friends are and learn what friendship is. And I know that people are supposed to like you, call you, and check up on you.

FS: I really agree with what you were saying about reaching out to those that mean a lot to you and staying in contact, especially if you don't live in the same place. I think one of the biggest lessons that I've learned is to trust myself more and take care of myself more. And, you know, taking care of myself also doesn't only affect me because I have to be extra careful with COVID and my parents because they're really high risk. So, I've been much more in touch with myself, and, you know, the impact that I would have on other people in many different ways. 

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