5 Ways to Style Dr. Scholl's Clog Sandals

Where orthopedic meets aesthetic.

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I'm not a big fan of dressing for warmer months. By the end of a New York winter, there is something liberating about leaving the house without a hat, umbrella, and extra pair of socks. Layering has always been a creative exercise for me. I like the process of putting a turtleneck under a dress under blazer with tights and a massive overcoat. When I bought a ticket to Mexico for a little pre-summer vacation, I knew a pair of sandals that felt like me were the first thing to throw in the proverbial suitcase.

I've never owned Birkenstocks. I don't really get jelly sandals. I worked at Old Navy during high school, so contractually I will never wear a pair of flip flops again. I wanted something comfortable, with enough personality to elevate an outfit without feeling too pronounced. Looking through old images of actresses in the '60s and '70s, I spotted these exact sandals. My prayers had been answered by Dr. Scholls Clog Sandal ($120).

Available in a range of colors, and if you're willing to look secondhand, a range of patterns, these shoes are about as timeless as sandals can get. The leather top strap features a metal lock that adjusts the shoe. The wooden bottom and treaded sole makes for ultimate comfort. Read on for five dream outfits inspired by the only thing getting me excited for summer dressing.


The writer in her Dr. Scholls.

Clog Sandal
Dr. Scholl's Clog Sandal $120.00

The Dress of The Season

I love to start the season with a single investment dress I plan on wearing every chance I get. Not only is this a more sustainable way of shopping than picking up an outfit every time a wedding invite lands in the mail, but it also allows me to get to know the piece better. Read as: More outfit experimentation! Wear the bright color with another bright color, thanks to the anchoring of neutral sandals. These subtle earrings feel special while still being cool enough to wear every day. This look feels polished without losing any personality.

Sets For Summer

Another summer dressing tip for those of us who would rather stay in the shade? Embrace sets. There's nothing simpler than dressing in an outfit that's already made up. The finished product is always sophisticated, even if you're really in glorified pajamas. Look for materials like linen or cotton for optimal breathability. Breaking up sets is an easy way to extend vacation outfits. Pair the bottoms with a bikini top or the shirt with a flowy skirt.

Hot Pants

Shorts might make a more obvious choice for summertime, but try reaching for a statement pant on your way to dinner instead. Keep the rest of the look a little more subdued to let the pants shine. Paired with a classic white button up, this look can easily feel elevated by swapping the Dr. Scholl's out for some platform heels. Try pairing with a bodysuit or a swimsuit off the beach. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but the pants would be great with a massively oversized cashmere sweater, as well.

'90s Chic

It's time. Give in and find yourself a denim mini skirt. If short hemlines are your thing, go for it, but those of us still recovering from the Hollister of it all could benefit from something a little longer, like this skirt from KUZYK. This simple silk tank is a perfect option for when you'd rather just be in the AC. While we're embracing trends that raised us, let's all welcome back the tortoiseshell headband. This particular pick feels fresh in a wavy pattern.

Sporty Victorian

My personal style ethos, Sporty Victorian, pairs wonderfully with Dr. Scholl's clog sandals. This look, featuring boxer shorts and a blouse, is the ideal balance of play and seriousness. It's the equivalent of a Summer Friday morning. There's the subtle nod to Zoom dressing—business on top, almost underwear on the bottom—and the joy of summer dressing. There are no rules. So pair your puff sleeves with anything.

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