7 Refreshing Skincare Products for When It's 10 Million Degrees Outside

Did we just hallucinate, or does the weather app say it’s 10 million degrees outside? Perhaps it was just a mirage? Either way, it certainly feels that hot, and we have the sweaty, oily, inflamed skin to confirm it.

Summers as hot as this one are pretty much a nightmare when it comes to beauty—frizzy hair; melted makeup; and worst of all, gross, out-of-whack skin. The other week, I developed a case of heat rash on my neck just on the walk from my apartment to my car. In photos, my forehead looks as shiny as the Chrysler Building. You get the point—it's boiling out there.

We would just hang out at the pool all day to chill down, but sadly that's not quite our reality. Instead, we have to get crafty. Luckily, beauty brands have recognized our summertime plight and supplied us with an array of cooling products to cure what ails us. Whether you're sticky, shiny, sunburned, broken out, or just plan hot, look to this list of the summer's most refreshing skincare products.

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