Want to Cut Out Dairy? Here's How

If you're vegan or lactose intolerant, by this point, you're probably a seasoned pro at eliminating dairy from your diet. However, if your plan is to eliminate dairy as a weight-loss method or just to eat cleaner, the journey to a milk-free life may seem like a bumpy road. It's tough to pass up a cheesy piece of pizza or a heaping bowl of ice cream, but with a couple of easy substitutes, we promise it can be done.

Many celebrities like Megan Fox and Giselle Bündchen opt to live dairy-free to keep their weight down and avoid the hormones, but nixing dairy has benefits for your skin, too. Dairy increases the sebum production in your skin, which results in breakouts and can even cause dark circles and under-eye bags. To that, we say, "So long, dairy!" But if you're wondering, How will I get the calcium and nutrients from dairy if I no longer eat it? we have good news.

Keep scrolling to learn how to (easily, happily, and healthfully) lead a dairy-free life.

Do you steer clear of dairy? What are your reasons for forgoing the food group? Please tell us below!