Why Natural Makeup Makes You More Productive



Productivity is fleeting. It’s a limited resource, and once you use up your daily allotment, it’s over. Try as you might, you just can’t force your brain to work more efficiently. Of course, that doesn’t stop the Internet from flooding the scene with endless tips on how to be more productive. Make as many prioritized lists and set as many task-specific deadlines for yourself as you want, but we have a more novel suggestion: Wear less makeup.

There’s a growing body of research that suggests certain peak hours of productivity do exist. Behavioral scientist and Duke professor of behavioral economics Dan Ariely says people are generally most productive in the first two hours after becoming fully awake. Good to know, but what are you doing for the first hour or so after getting out of bed? Showering? Drying your hair? Applying makeup? For most of us, our a.m. beauty routines are getting in the way of our productivity.

The solution? Short of reconfiguring your office hours so that you work from home from 7 to 9 a.m., getting ready midmorning, and strolling into work around 11, there’s one obvious answer: Spend less time primping in the morning. Perfect one (or more) of the many 30-second hairstyles the Internet has to offer, ditch your cleanse, rinse, tone routine for a cotton swab and a few drops of micellar water, and embrace multitasking products. Another solution? Go au naturel in the mornings and take a midday break to do your makeup before the afternoon meetings start.

That’s right—you heard it here first: BB creams and all those lip + cheek duos will make you more productive.

Would you opt for a more natural beauty look if it could maximize your productivity? Tell us below!