The Best Wax Warmers to Try

Paste for waxing in beauty salon
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Wax warmers hold wax cans and heat up the product—including both soft and hard wax. Most have adjustable temperature control and some have on and off switches. All salons and spas that provide waxing have some kind of wax warmer which you have probably seen if you've ever had a professional service.

However, these are not only for salons and spas. There are several reasons you may want to invest in one over purchasing microwavable containers to do your hair removal at home. Hands down, warmers are more economical and ultimately safer to use than the small microwavable style wax.

First, Let's Talk Cost

Yes, the small microwavable containers are very affordable. They can range anywhere from $3 on up to $30 depending on what is included in the kit and the brand. Although microwavable jars are basically inexpensive up front, they tend to get used up quickly and may leak or just not work after being heated up a few times.

A wax heater and supplies to start waxing at home can be purchased for just a tad bit more of the cost of the high-end of a microwavable jar of wax. You can often get an entire kit including the heater, a jar of wax, strips, applicators, and accessories for under $40. This is everything you need to begin removing hair at home, including pre and post skin care.

The wax pots that are placed in the warmers can be used until the product is gone. As long as you are using a new applicator for each swipe to the skin and keep it covered when storing, the product remains sanitary.

If you're planning on waxing only once, or a very small area every once in awhile, then a small microwavable kit may be for you. If you plan on removing hair at home often or in large areas, then read on.

Wax Warmers Are Safer

The most important thing about wax is safety. Microwavable wax can heat very unevenly, and if you're not careful, it may cause burns. Not all microwaves are the same, so it can take some trial and error to get the right amount of time and proper setting on your microwave to get the wax heated up to just the right temperature. It does take more time to reach the desired temperature with a warmer, but you can turn it on and come back when you're ready to use it.

Wax warmers will heat the product evenly. We recommend a heater that has an adjustable temperature instead of only having an on and off switch. The on-off style doesn't provide as much control and you could end up over-heating your wax. Having a temperature control is even more important when heating up hard wax as it needs to be heated on a lower setting than soft.

You do have to be cautious if you have a small amount of wax left in the jar even if the warmer has an adjustable temperature, as it will be hotter on the same temperature than with a full jar if left on for the same amount of time. Always test a small amount wax on your arm before placing a large amount on the target area to wax.

The wax warmer also allows the product to remain at a heated temperature until you turn it off. This allows you complete concentration for the task at hand so you can get your hair removal over with more quickly. There will be no need to run back and forth to the microwave to reheat the wax or worry if it's warm enough. You also are at less risk of burning yourself as the warmer will heat the wax more evenly.

If the wax is warm, but not warm enough, it won't spread as well. Under-heated wax will go on too thick, and doesn't remove hair well and there's more chance of bruising. This is yet another reason it's better to make the investment in a wax warmer if you're going to wax often at home. 

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