Top Hairstylists Tell Us How to Get Wavy Hair Without a Curling Iron



If you've ever been personally victimized by your curling iron or your straightener, raise your hand. Ours are raised high, tired from all the hot tool–wielding we've been doing on a daily basis. Not only are heat tools time consuming, they're also damaging, especially if used incorrectly. They're so hard to quit though, especially when they give you just the right bend and curl that's essentially turned into your daily uniform.

And if your eyes roll at the thought of scrunching your hair with abandon until it curls in just the right way, we hear you—not everyone's mane has the type of texture or pattern that allows for heat-free waves. But after speaking with a few top stylists, we were assured that you don't need to call it a loss—even girls with stick-straight hair can break up with their tools and enjoy beachy tresses without so much as needing an outlet. Below, learn their best tips.

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