I Put 3 Wavy Hair Tutorials to the Test: See the Results!

I love Pinterest dearly. Without it, my life would be less colorful, less creative, and—more importantly—I may have never discovered that the cure for deodorant stains lay in my jean drawer. Genius. But sometimes Pinterest leads me astray with false promises—particularly when it comes to beauty tutorials—and I’m left with sad, confused feelings and (in one unfortunate instance) bleeding gums. The thing about these beauty tutorials is that they’re not always the most reliable.

Thus, I took it upon myself to find out whether or not three popular wavy hair tutorials really work. Because even though we all have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé (yup, pinned this phrase to my “Inspiring Quotes” board), we are, unfortunately, not all Beyoncé—and thus, we must be especially discerning with our precious time. Keep scrolling to see the results of my Pinterest-inspired wavy hair experiment!