We Could Look at Pictures of Wavy Hair All Day Long

Updated 04/29/19

Wavy hair is one of the most elusive hairstyles out there, and whether you have naturally wavy hair or not, it can be tricky to get it right. While a little dishevelment is always welcome, finding that sweet spot between overly polished curls and bedhead can be a tricky path to travel. But that's not to say there's only one type of wave out there: To help you work out what look would best suit you, we've compiled a lineup of the ultimate celebrity wavy hairstyles for inspiration, as well as our advice for achieving each one.

Wavy hair: Dascha Polanco wavy hair at SAG Awards
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Dascha Polanco wore Hollywood-style waves with plenty of extra shine on the SAG red carpet this year. For glossy hair like this, we swear by Rahua Shampoo (£28), which contains coconut and shea butter, ingredients that are particularly good at nourishing thick, heavy hair.

Wavy hair: Rowan Blanchard wavy hair
Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Rowan Blanchard's blunt-ended chop looks dreamy with the addition of a few tousled waves. To re-create, after tonging, use the fingertips to loosen up the waves and spray a volumising spray like Balmain's Texturising Volume Spray (£25) into the roots.

Wavy hair: Margot Robbie wavy hair
Venturelli/Getty Images

With its precise parting and sleek finish, Margot Robbie's wavy hair hits both the understated and glamorous boxes. To create these sorts of waves, you'll need a sturdy hair straightener (we swear by Ghd's V Gold Classic Styler, £135) to bend and manipulate the hair into place.

Wavy hair: Kate Nash wavy hair
John Shearer/Getty Images

We adore how the waves in Kate Nash's long auburn hair frame her face like a faux–shaggy fringe.

Wavy hair: Alexa Chung wavy hair
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

If wavy hair was a beauty brand, Alexa Chung would 100% be its cover girl, as that's how synonymous she has become with the hairstyle. If you want to add some Chung-style waves to your hair, try plaiting damp hair and adding a texture spray such as Redken Windblown (£11).

Wavy hair: Jourdan Dunn wavy hair
David M. Benett/Getty Images

Proving that short hair can still get the wavy treatment, Jourdan Dunn's chin-length crop looks great with a few soft waves throughout. Once you've set the waves with a tong, be sure to brush them out to get that dishevelled look—Raincry's Condition Paddle Brush (£72) has strong but gentle boar bristles that won't induce frizz.

Wavy hair: Freida Pinto wavy hair
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Freida Pinto's soft waves must be the work of a really great tong—and making sure you tong each section in different directions so you don't end up with chunky curls. Here you'll find the best curling tongs the internet has to offer.

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