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This New Meditation Pillow Is a Game-Changer For Millennials Who Can't Sit Still



Whether you've tried meditation or not, one of the main issues that people have with it (myself included) is that it seemingly calls for a still body and a silent mind. As someone who can't sit still for more than ten seconds without fidgeting or, at the very least, thinking about that email I forgot to answer, traditional meditation never seemed feasible to me. I think a lot of people feel that way, too. After all, millennials are known for being a quick-thinking, multi-tasking bunch.

One company knows all about these millennial meditation grievances, and they've set out to fix them with a new system called Wave, which combines a meditation app with special headphones and a pillow. The point of Wave is to modernize meditation and make it more accessible to a new generation of wellness enthusiasts. Keep scrolling to learn all about Wave and what it means for your meditation practice.

Wave Kit $200

Wave is an at-home music-driven meditation. Cue up the app, which holds over 80 different meditation tracks (simply click whichever track that strikes your fancy), and grab your Wave headphones and pillow. As the music and guided meditation plays, the pillow (or bolster, as the brand calls it) vibrates along in harmony. This sensory combination of sound and feel helps your mind and body stay calm, still, and present.

Either lay on the bolster as you would a pillow or lean up against it like a padded chair back. It's made of comfortable memory foam and its vibrations can be controlled to fit your personal preference.

As for the app itself, it feels like a streamlined music streaming app. All of the music is created in-house by Wave's music director (the track we heard was similar to Odesza at their most jubilant), and they work closely with meditation experts to create the guided voiceovers. Not only can you see which tracks are trending with other users, but you can also earn points, called Vibes, by listening and sharing the tracks and their lyrics (you can redeem these "Vibes" for merch and content). Each musical mediation is unique to the app and lasts for 8 to 15 minutes at a time. I don't know about you, but I think that's the perfect amount of time for meditating before heading off to work each morning.


Byrdie's editorial director, Faith, got a chance to preview Wave ahead of the launch, and her review is glowing. "I've always wanted to be someone who meditates, but every time I've tried to through apps or breathing, I've given up out of boredom," she says. "Wave made the whole experience so enjoyable, where I could see myself actually looking forward to doing it every day. I tried the 8-minute meditation that's supposed to give you energy, and I swear I came back to my desk and felt like I had just had two cups of coffee (without the inevitable crash). The vibrations from the cushion help you stay present, the music was enjoyable, and the meditation itself made it easy to focus. Honestly, this is a game-changer."

The brand and products were created by the same people who co-founded the buzzy yoga studio, Y7, which is known for its hot, candlelit classes that combine traditional yoga flows with bumping hip-hop music. Knowing this, it only makes sense that they would modernize meditation in the same way that they're modernizing yoga.

Just like the benefits of yoga, the benefits of meditation are legit. They include things like stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief, and an increased feeling of general well-being. Seeing as anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults, it's clear as to why people are serious about cultivating a consistent meditation routine.

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