10 Waterproof Lipsticks for Your Summer Pool Plans

With summer come many opportunities for moisture to mess with our makeup. Whether that comes in the form of sweat, humidity, rain, or sometimes even an unexpected dip in the pool, we don't want to live cautiously in the fear that our makeup is visibly melting off of our faces. It doesn't matter if it's eyeliner, mascara, foundation, or lipstick. We still want our makeup to look as perfect and precise as it did when we applied it in the mirror that morning. That's why we reach for budge-proof and waterproof formulas.

While there are literally thousands of waterproof makeup options, there aren't so many when it comes to lipstick. Think about it: When was the last time you picked up a waterproof eyeliner, mascara, or foundation? Probably pretty recently, if you're anything like us. But as for waterproof lipstick, not so much. For some reason, it gets left behind when it comes to waterproofing. But we don't stop wearing lipstick in the summer. Do you? Thankfully, there are a few waterproof lipstick formulas out there, and you can find them if you only do some snooping—which we did for you. Before you carry on to find your new stay-put summer lip color, know that many of them happen to belong to drugstore brands, so you'll be able to shop them without those nagging post-purchase bank account blues.