Found: A Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil You Can Wear for Days

Updated 04/19/19

Until recently, I’ve always used shadow and an angled brush to fill in my brows. I thought it looked more natural than a pencil. But I was wrong. I’ve made the switch to this waterproof eyebrow pencil, and I’m never going back. Just to be clear, I fully attribute this life-changing decision to the specific pencil involved: The BrowGal’s Skinny Eyebrow Pencil.

The BrowGal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil $23

My love for the product is multifaceted, but it all begins with the pigment. The lead is harder than anything I’ve ever used before. That may sound odd, but it’s actually a good thing, because hard lead lets you emulate the look of real hair with each stroke. If the pencil is too soft, you end up with solid color, and brows that look filled in. The cap is a one-turn sharpener (genius), so I always have a perfectly on-point pencil, and there’s a spoolie on the other end—it’s truly one-stop brow shaping.

Once it’s on, it lasts all day (and then some).

It’s a long-wearing pencil, but unlike many others, it lives up to the classification. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so my brows can take some time. When I have an early morning ahead, I’ve been known to wash my face in the evening, all the while avoiding my eyebrows. On more occasions than I’d care to admit, I’ve gone to sleep with impeccably penciled brows (if I do say so myself), woken up, and went on my merry way with yesterday’s brows. I even ran into a fellow The BrowGal enthusiast, who told me she teaches back-to-back hot yoga classes in this pencil and walks out eyebrows unscathed.

Sweat-proof and sleep-proof—can your eyebrow pencil say that?
Special note for blondes: The 05 shade is the best taupe I’ve ever seen. It’s not at all warm (so it won’t turn your brows orange), and it’s not too dark.

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