This Might Be the Biggest Skincare Myth of All Time


Bryan Rodney Carr

You know how it goes: An interviewer (like yours truly) asks a celebrity how her skin looks so dewy and smooth all the time, and there's a good chance said celebrity mentions that she drinks "a lot of water" in her answer. It's such a common response that, of course, most of us have accepted it as truth—beauty editors included. And the idea that drinking a lot of water hydrates your skin just makes sense, right?

If you're looking for a laugh, just imagine the look on my face when two experts told me that this actually isn't the case. I was having an otherwise pleasant lunch with skincare gurus Marie Veronique and Kristina Holey, who recently collaborated on an excellent trio of serums. While enthusiastically detailing my own regimen, I unknowingly yet spectacularly put my foot in my mouth when I boasted that I drank so much water on a daily basis and that I was sure this contributed to my natural glow. "Actually," Holey interjected kindly. "That's a very common myth. Drinking a lot of water doesn't directly hydrate your skin."

I'm pretty sure I choked on the water I was drinking when she said that, like my body was viscerally rejecting the liquid that, as it turns out, wasn't the beautifying elixir I thought it was. The conversation moved onto other things, but even after I left, I felt positively duped—outraged, even. And naturally, I had to investigate the matter further.