The "Water Bottle Challenge" Is Instagram's Favorite New Beauty Hack

Instagram has a way of popularizing "challenges" these days. These can range from ill-advised beauty practices to actual, sometimes dangerous, dares. For the former, please refer to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, in which teens were pursing their lips into water bottle openings in order to increase the size of their pouts à la Jenner's lip fillers. As for the latter, please refer to Instagram's most recent trend, the "In My Feelings" challenge, in which people dance alongside a slow-moving car in tune with the now-iconic Drake song.

The newest Instagram challenge is another beauty hack, but this time, it's not about imitating a celebrity's look or showing off a choreographed dance. It's all about curling your hair without the use of a curling iron or flat iron. All you need is a hair dryer and an old plastic water bottle—seriously. Keep scrolling to see what this so-called "water bottle challenge" is all about. Plus, see an expert hairstylist try it out for herself.