These Water-Based Moisturizers Are Like a Glass of Water for Your Skin

Moisturizer is a year-round must, but that doesn't mean you should be using the same kind of product throughout all four seasons. The rich and heavy cream you count on in the colder months probably won't perform the same way in the summer. That's because temperatures get warmer, days get longer, and your skin naturally becomes a little oilier (at least ours does). Now, instead of curing dry, chapped skin, your go-to product could be contributing to that perennial oily sheen (maybe even those breakouts) hovering over your complexion from May till September. In other words, now's the time to switch out your winter moisturizer for something else, namely a water-based moisturizer.

These types of moisturizer are still hydrating, but in a lightweight and comfortable way. They moisturize without making your skin look super shiny or congested in that way some oil- and silicone-heavy moisturizers can. In fact, if you have really oily skin, some of them may even help mattify your complexion. It just depends on the ones you use, which is why we've assembled a list of effective water-based moisturizers fit for any skin type. These 13 products are sure to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all summer long.