25 Warm Blonde Hair Colors You'll Ditch Platinum For

Celebs are all jumping onto a trend that’s been in for years.

Blake Lively

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Let’s start with a flashback: It’s 2015 and the Byrdie office is a sea of ashy blonde hair. Around this time in Los Angeles (and then on Instagram, and then all over America), all anyone wanted was darker roots that faded super subtly into cool-blonde tones (think: beige, ash, faded lavender, and platinum).

I was not immune to the cool blonde mass hysteria. In 2016, my colorist Matt Rez gave me the ashy blonde highlights of my dreams, and I haven’t really strayed from that shade since. So, when Rez begged me to let him take my hair from cool blonde to strawberry blonde, my jaw dropped to the floor. Warm blonde?

Meet the Expert

  • Matt Rez is a celebrity colorist at Meche Salon in Los Angeles, a Redken ambassador, and the inventor of the midlight technique. His clients include Margot Robbie, Chiara Ferragni, and Lili Reinhart.
  • Matthew Nolen is a colorist at The Hair Atelier, founded by David Pierre Pappalardo, in Los Angeles.

But celebrity colorists agree: Warmer blonde tones are all the rage. "Clients tend to be afraid of warmth, so I like to choose something soft for the transition," says colorist Matthew Nolen. "Redken 9G is my go-to for this."

Nolen recommends booking a consultation with your stylist before committing to a shade. He adds, "Beautiful color exists, but a good haircut also plays a huge role in enhancing color."

Warm Blonde

Choosing a Shade: "I truly think any level can work on anyone as long as there is depth and dimension in the color and the tones complement the client’s skin and/or eyes," says Rez.

Maintenance Level: Low to medium, according to Rez, "depending on how solid or dimensional you go with it."

Goes Great With: "Light to medium warm or neutral skin tones" can seriously rock warm blonde, says Nolen. That said, small tweaks can be made so that just about anyone can pull off this look.

Similar Shades: Strawberry blonde, butter blonde, caramel, honey blonde

Price: "Toners start around $70, and highlights can range from $200 and up depending on where you go," says Nolen.

Keep scrolling for 20 expert-approved examples of warm blonde, and tips for how to get (and maintain) this look.

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Strawberry Blonde

Warm Blonde Hair Color Strawberry Rachel McAdams

Getty Images

“The warmer you go with a blonde, the deeper the undertone of the color will be," says Rez. "Once you go warmer than golds, you start going in the red undertones that will read more strawberry at a blonde level. "

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Buttery Blonde

Jasmine Sanders with butter blonde hair

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

She's called Golden Barbie for a reason. Jasmine Sanders' buttery blonde locks highlight her glowy, bronzey skin. To keep your blonde bright, use amika's Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Shampoo ($26).

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Reddish Bronde

Tyra Banks

John Shearer/Getty Images


"Bronde can have pops of warm blonde, and strawberry blondes are in the same family," notes Rez. The '70s are having a major moment in fashion and beauty, and warm hair colors, like this red-tinged bronde on Tyra Banks, would fit right in.

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Golden Blonde

Warm Blonde Hair Color Golden Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie's golden blonde with darker roots is a stunning example of how to warm things up while retaining a decidedly classic blonde look. To prevent your hair from getting too brassy, add in R+Co's Sunset Blvd Blonde Shampoo ($33).

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Warm Blonde Hair Colors Caramel Gigi Hadid

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Rez says, “By warming up our hair, a warmer glow of light will frame our faces and bounce onto our skin.” You can certainly see how Gigi Hadid's caramel blonde strands enhance her dewy, vibrant complexion.

Need some guidance on how to choose just the right shade of warm blonde? Rez has an easy trick: "For me, level of color should be based on level of eye color. So the darker the eyes, the darker the hair," he says. "The more pigment/dense the color of the eye, the more depth the hair needs in my opinion."

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Warm Blonde Ombré

Warm Blonde Hair Color Ombre Jennifer Lopez

Getty Images

David Pierre Pappalardo, creative director and cofounder of The Hair Atelier LA, agrees that the cool blonde trend has overstayed its welcome. “Those colors don’t last and require lots of maintenance,” he says. “They often damage the hair and it can’t be a sustainable way of wearing your hair.” On the other hand, a warm blonde ombré like J.Lo's can be quite natural and easy to upkeep.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Carrot Brittany Snow


“If a client wants to go warmer without fully committing to something with long-term maintenance, ask your colorist for a gloss,” says Nolen. Rez adds, “Ask your colorist to gloss your lightest highlight on the warmer side to ease into a warmer look and if you love it, you can always go even warmer on your next visit.” Brittany Snow rocks a carrot-tinged bob.

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Honey Blonde

Brown Hair Color Serena Williams

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Rez also suggests requesting that your colorist weave a “midlight” into your highlights for a dimensional look similar to Serena Williams' honey blonde. “A midlight is a warmer connecting color that is perfect for those who want just enough warmth without changing their base or gloss,” he explains. “It is lighter than your base but darker than your highlight and will create a blended, high-contrast result.”

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Highlighted Tawny

Warm Blonde Hair Color Tawny Ciara

Getty Images

Another example of a gorgeous highlight is Ciara's tawny highlighted waves. Touch-ups are important for maintaining your color. "Between major base color and or highlight appointments, I encourage all my clients to come in for a Redken shade EQ gloss every six to eight weeks to keep their blonde color fresh and the hair structure healthy and strong between lightening services," says Rez.

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Soft Bronde

Warm Blonde Hair Color Soft Bronde Devon Aoki

Getty Images

A warm blonde can be achieved by mixing a brunette base with toned-down blonde highlights, as seen on this subtle bronde style on Devon Aoki. This is lower maintenance than a single process. "If you’re new to highlights, it can be as low maintenance as every six months," says Nolen.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Golden Taraji P. Henson

Getty Images

A gold bob looks fantastic on a medium-to-deep skin tone like Taraji P. Henson's. Her shadowed root adds depth to her color—and, as a bonus, it allows you to go longer between touch-ups because the grow-out won't be as noticeable.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Bronze


A glossy bob with a metallic sheen gives off a slightly bronze vibe. The base is dark blonde, with some lighter highlights running throughout to add texture. "I truly think clients who are blonde should not be over-washing their hair, as that alone can really expedite the drying of lightened hair," says Rez.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Champagne Emma Roberts

Getty Images

"Warm" doesn't necessarily mean dark. For a lighter blonde that still has warm undertones, champagne is a great option. Take a page from Emma Roberts's book with her single-toned vintage blonde and shadowed roots.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Amber Amandla Stenberg

Getty Images

Going from deep brunette to platinum blonde will likely do a number on your strands. It's easier, more affordable, and healthier to go the warm route. Amandla Stenberg's amber braids are closer to blonde than brown, but still look natural and beautifully complement their complexion.

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Toasted Coconut

Warm Blonde Hair Color Toasted Coconut Chrishell Stause


Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause rocks a dimensional toasted coconut look, with a darker blonde base and pale highlights near the roots and framing the face.

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Warm Blonde Hair Color Butterscotch Beyonce

Getty Images

This shade calls to mind a delicious butterscotch candy. Maintaining hair health is one of the most important factors in keeping your hair color looking fresh longer. "Between treatments, I like Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Lamellar Water Treatment ($27), which helps repair hair that’s been lightened to keep hair from breakage due to heat styling," says Rez.

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Sandy Blonde

Warm Blonde Hair Colors Sandy Reese Witherspoon

Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon's signature blonde is the color of a sandy beach just before sunset. It's a simple, classic look that always looks super modern.

Refresh your color between salon trips with a hair mask designed for blondes. Nolen recommends the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Hair Mask in Golden Blonde ($53). "It’s very moisturizing, but not too heavy and helps keep your warm hues intact between services."

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Pale Strawberry

Warm Blonde Hair Color Pale Strawberry Blake Lively

Getty Images

This blend of pale blonde and warm copper results in a light strawberry blonde that resembles a faded photograph. While any texture can pull off warm blonde, according to Nolen, it's important to take hair density into account. "Someone with thick [hair] who wants to be a strawberry blonde might end up looking like a terracotta pot because no light can reflect through."

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Sunset Blonde

Warm Blonde Hair Color Sunset Zendaya

Getty Images

Zendaya's mix of fiery golden tones mimics the sunset, with a deep blonde base and sandy and strawberry-toned highlights. "Warm colors reflect more light, so the healthier the hair looks and feels, the more light will bounce off the cuticle and onto your skin. Who doesn’t want to feel Illuminated by their hair?" says Rez.

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Blonde Balayage

Warm Blonde Hair Color Balayage Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Getty Images

Balayage is a great way to infuse some blonde into the hair while keeping the look warm and inviting—and not over-processing. To maintain, Rez says, "oils and shine sprays [like Redken Oil for All Invisible Multi-Benefit Oil, $34] work really well to not only bring moisture back to lightened strands but also help bounce more light off of a warm blonde hair color."

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Wheat Blonde and Dark Roots

Laverne Cox

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

If you're looking for a tone that looks great on darker skin, then look no further than Laverne Cox's signature wheat blonde hair. It looks especially great paired with warm, dark roots.

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Warm Platinum Blonde

Billie Eilish Warm platinum blonde hair

Max Mumby/Indigo / Getty Images

When you hear the word platinum, you expect an icy-cold, almost white blonde shade. But yes, there is also such a thing as warm platinum blonde — and Billy Eilish is a prime example.

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Honey Butter Blonde

Rita Ora

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

When you combine the warmth of honey shades with the pop of flattering butter-colored highlights, you get magic. We love Rita Ora's face-framing highlights as they brighten up the face and give her hair a multi-dimensional finish.

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Actress Jaz Sinclair

Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

If you don't want to commit to a full-on blonde moment but still want to add in some dimension, look to actress Jaz Sinclair and her coppery locks for inspiration.

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Cream Soda

Gizelle Bryant

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

On the hottest warm blonde shades is cream soda hair, a warm hue that can be described as a light brown base, warmed up by honey-colored bayalage. RHOP star Gizelle Bryant has the perfect example of this lush hue.

  • How do I pick the right shade of blonde?

    One of the first steps of finding out what shade of blonde is flattering for you is to look at the undertone of your skin. If you're cool-toned, you might want to stick with icy shades, while those with olive and golden undertones would look best with warm hues.

  • What are warm hair colors?

    Warm hair colors are ones that have some sort of orange, red, or yellow tone to it.

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