Walmart Has a Low-Key Impressive Beauty Section—These Are Our Favorite Products

Ah, Walmart. I think of these all-American mega superstores, often larger in size than some small towns, and I immediately picture rows of ridiculously cheap clothing, furniture, sports supplies, and food. I don't necessarily think of great beauty products, though. But that's where I'm wrong. Have you looked online at Walmart's beauty section lately? It's low-key really nicely laid out and boasts some of Team Byrdie's all-time favorite affordable skincare, makeup, and haircare brands. Did you know Walmart also has a really legit beauty subscription box that delivers a curated selection of goods from Garnier, Nivea, Neutrogena, and more once every season? Damn, Walmart. We see you.

Walmart's beauty section is also intimidatingly big, so if you're curious about the best it has to offer but don't want to dig through it yourself, we've got you. Here, a list of Byrdie editors' 15 favorite affordable beauty finds from Walmart's secretly impressive beauty department.