This Swiss Teeth Whitener Actually Strengthens Your Teeth and Protects Against Stains

"The biggest discovery in dentistry since fluoride."

vVardis Teeth Whitener

The global teeth whitening products market is expected to reach 7.4 billion (yes, you read that right) by 2024. This number proves just how invested we all are in achieving a pearly white smile. But, the reality is not all teeth whitening products were created equal. Many of the bleaching strips and gels available in local retailers contain abrasive ingredients that do more harm than good to our teeth. 

That’s why Swiss dentists Golnar and Haleh Abivardi decided to launch vVardis. Throughout their 30-year career, the Abivardi sisters have always approached dentistry through a holistic lens but recognized that the oral care market had not adopted that same philosophy. For so long, the dental industry has largely failed to provide consumers with products that combined natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability. vVardis is set to reimagine the world of oral care by doing those three things. 

vVardis Founders

The Innovation

Today, the nature-inspired dental brand is making its debut with four innovative products. The brand's star product is its tooth whitener vVardis Aletsch: Instant Bright And White ($250). The brush-on gel-serum is the first whitening product that is actually good for your teeth. What does that mean exactly? Well, Aletsch doesn’t contain the abrasive chemicals commonly found in popular whitening products. “The problem with whitening products is how they work,” says the founders citing abrasion. “They remove the enamel and use hydrogen peroxide. The most complaints that we had in our clinics because of using this product was hypersensitivity or even thinning enamels. After some time, the yellow dentin behind the enamel started to shine through." The duo point out that instead of getting whiter teeth, these patients eventually winded up with even darker teeth.

vVardis Aletsch is powered by the brand’s globally patented WX formula, an FDA-approved polyvalent biomimicking hydrogel. The formula is peroxide-free and its whitening abilities are fueled by hydroxyapatite crystals that scatter and reflect light. “In combination with fluoride, it sheathes the teeth in a protective matrix that encourages the enamel to rebuild itself,” says the founders. “This is really revolutionary as it also protects against stains and gives a feeling of a professional tooth cleaning as soon as you have used it.” Because of its nourishing properties, the brand’s tooth whitener can be used as often as desired without causing any harm—even on sensitive teeth, ceramic crowns, and composite fillings. This is why the brand has dubbed the product as "the biggest discovery in dentistry since fluoride."

This is really revolutionary as it also protects against stains and gives a feeling of a professional tooth cleaning as soon as you have used it.

vVardis Aletsch: Instant Bright And White ($250)
vVardis Aletsch: Instant Bright And White $250

The Right Technique

To apply the product, begin by brushing your teeth and then drying them with a napkin. “You can put as much as you want on your teeth and it can also go over your gums. And you just have to wait 10 to 20 seconds. After that, do not rinse, drink, or eat for half an hour,” instructs Golnar and Haleh Abivardi. The end result? An instantly brighter and whiter smile. They say that the effects of the whitening serum will last more than one month and increase with repeated use.

The Support System 

To maximize the benefits of the teeth whitening serum, it's recommended to use it in tandem with the brand’s toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwash. The vVardis Edelweiss: Daily Whitening Care ($55) is a premium fluoride toothpaste that is formulated with the antibacterial humectant alpenrose, antioxidant edelweiss extract (hence the name), and mint. “It was very important to us that our products have fluoride in them because so many products are now going out without fluoride,” they explain. “It's really important not to forget fluoride because it protects against cavities.”

Key Ingredients

Fluoride is commonly used in dentistry to strengthen enamel—the outer layer of the teeth—and aid in cavity prevention. (Its use has widely been debated by dentists blaming high concentrations for causing tooth discoloration.)

vVardis Ritual Set

vVardis offers four different toothbrushes, each equipped with a variety of bristle combinations. The vVardis Rheinholz: Toothbrush ($40, duo pack) is intentionally designed to support whitening, prevent over scrubbing, and limit excess pressure from harsh brushing. “We have done testing at the University of Zurich that found that our toothbrushes clean 10 times better between the teeth than conventional standard toothbrushes and they are 40 percent more efficient in cleaning the surface of the tooth,” says the founders. 

Rounding out the collection is the vVardis Weissbad: Gentle Protective Boost ($45). The fluoride mouthwash is formulated with the WX Formula and active compounds that instantly brighten the teeth, fight against cavities, and prevent stains.

The Sustainable Mission

In line with its mission to deliver premium quality and sustainable products, all of vVardis’ products are 100% vegan and made in Switzerland with minimal plastic and recyclable elements wherever possible. For example, the brand’s toothpaste comes in a Patented PICEA wood tube made from the sawdust of German carpenters. Who knew sawdust and teeth whitening could go hand-in-hand?

Starting today, vVardis is available for purchase in the US at All vVardis products can be purchased individually, or together as a vVardis Ritual set ($320).

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