VS PINK’s Wear Everywhere Collection Is All You Could Want In A Bra

The bra collection that does it all

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Ironically, bras are both a necessity for many of us and one of the toughest items to shop for. They either feature clunky underwire, straps that dig in, or cups that are the opposite of barely-there against the skin. And since so many of us go through these issues, the idea of having a bra that is uncomfortable has become normalized. Fortunately, this mentality is being challenged and completely erased with the help of Victoria’s Secret PINK Wear Everywhere Bra collection, including their newest Strappy Back styles.

Available in six styles with a variety of lining levels, and fashion details, PINK’s Wear Everywhere Bras will quickly become one of your go-to body essentials. And because no one should feel like their chest size hinders their clothing, the collection offers inclusive sizing for larger busts and cup size — available in 32-40 and AA-DDD. The bra feels comfy and doesn’t cut into the shoulders — feeling secure without restricting movement. If you’re a minimalist, they have tonal options, and also colorful alternatives for those who want a more playful bra. 

Ahead, we’re breaking down our love for PINK’s #1 bra collection and how it is a well-added addition to our support system. Join us in reclaiming what a bra should feel like.

Natasha Marsh

Natasha VS Pink

I’ve been fortunate to have a solid group of core girlfriends that are all obsessed with running. We’ve cheered each other on at half marathons, full marathons, triathlons, and other smaller races. We’ve consoled each other through injuries and motivational lapses. We send each other recovery stretch tips and fitness tools for a more seamless run. We’ve even traveled to far destinations to run alongside each other. The point I’m trying to make is that this beautiful group of friends are one of my greatest support systems. They are always there for me when I need them and have taught me how important it is to have a network of trusted tools and resources in all categories of my life. Which brings me to this new collection of bras. 

When I came across the Victoria’s Secret PINK Wear Everywhere Bra assortment, my whole world changed. Dramatic? Maybe. But it’s true. Throughout the pandemic, I didn’t wear a bra. With the majority of businesses closed and outside events consisting of grocery store trips, could you blame me? As mask mandates continued to lift, I had very specific requirements that a bra had to hit in order to grace my body: precision adjustable straps, smooth fabric that felt like second skin, and a natural lift that was not too forced. 

The new Wear Everywhere Strappy Back bra exceeded my expectations. The new style, featuring two silhouettes in Push-Up & T-Shirt Lightly-Lined, is virtually undetectable under even the most form-fitting outfits, while still providing stability. Meaning, you can wear it with tight dresses, shirts, or bodysuits and still have a smooth look. My favorite part though, are the straps. Apart from sports bras, as someone with extremely small shoulders, straps have made me steer clear from bras. Unsurprisingly, nothing about readjusting my bra every hour is appealing to me. PINK’s bras truly were designed to stay on. In the couple weeks I’ve been wearing them, I have never had to readjust it. 

The six styles in the Wear Everywhere Bra collection have become a part of my daily uniform and support system. Similar to the TLC I feel as an athlete in my running community, they go above and beyond to cover me and be there for me. They make me feel good, confident, and ready to take on the day. And really, isn’t that just what we all need.

Sophia Cuerquis

Sophia VS Pink

The nature of my job often requires my full attention, every hour of the day. Sometimes it feels like I need to entertain and portray a glamorized version of myself — leading to stress and overwhelmed emotions. But it always helps having a circle of people and tools in my life that I don’t have to perform for — that takes the heavy lifting off me. In addition to these close friends and family members, I’ve been leaning on the Victoria’s Secret PINK Wear Everywhere Bra as another essential support system in my life, quickly becoming my favorite act of self-care. 

Not only is the Wear Everywhere PINK's top bra collection, but it also comes in six different silhouettes in unique prints and colors. The bras are comfortable, supportive, and trendy. My current favorite is the new Wear Everywhere Strappy Back Bra. I’ve become attached to these bra styles for the amazing versatility they provide with their adjustable and convertible straps quickly changing to other styles. The smooth fabric makes it virtually invisible under all my tops, which is something I haven’t found in my wardrobe before discovering PINK. 

At the end of the day, I want myself and my audience to feel confident and empowered in our bodies. The Wear Everywhere bra collection emphasizes body diversity and inclusivity with their 32-40 band sizes and AA-DDD cup sizes. In my line of work, support is everything. Regardless if it comes from family, friends, community, or your bra closet — when you have proper support it makes you love the skin you’re in. In fact, that is the best advice I can give from my journey: find a support system that has your back, just like VS PINK’s Wear Everywhere Bra collection.

Sarennya Srimugayogam


Growing up I often felt othered. I rarely saw people in the media who looked like me in fashion, art, or entertainment. But through social media, I’ve found an online community that cares about representation and holds space for those that don’t fall in line with mainstream looks in a way that traditional media doesn’t. It’s empowering to see yourself in others and has ultimately lent itself as a positive shift in my mental health and inner support system.

Coincidentally, my fatigued history of bra shopping started out similar. I often felt like I didn’t have access to what I wanted in terms of fit, comfortability, and fashion. I would spend hours searching for bras that made me feel like the person I was on the inside, only to be othered in fit, making me feel matronly and frumpy. Then I found PINK’s Wear Everywhere T-Shirt Lightly Lined bras. 

I love how PINK has created bras that not only fit me well, but are fun and youthful. The bras have allowed me to explore and display my personal style as it can be both smooth under clothing and look great when I want to show it off. Crazy enough, feeling confident in my bra choices has improved my ability to support my community. I realized that I can carry more responsibility in the fight for representations of all bodies, when I am supported and outfitted from within.

Chiara Rose DeSantis

chiara VS Pink

Growing up I hated my body. I hated the fact that I couldn’t stop comparing my curvy body to the rising popularity of influencers. The policing of my body, both internal and external, left my mental health in shambles. Fortunately, all that changed when I found the online plus-size community. I started following more inclusive creatives that inspired me and helped me realize there is no right way to have a body. As a result, my self care became my main focus, and slowly but surely, my self-esteem blossomed.

The plus-size community helped me embrace my body and all of it’s beautiful curves, and I’m happy to report PINK is here to do the same. PINK has bras that actually support women with bigger chests. As a woman with bigger boobs, there are times I don’t want my chest to be the center of attention. When I want a comfy bra that doesn’t make my chest even more pronounced, I throw on the Wear Everywhere T-Shirt Lightly Lined style. This bra makes me feel secure and because of the adjustable and convertible straps, there’s zero pinching and discomfort. I reach for the push-up silhouette when I want to feel more feminine and sexy. The combination of an extra lift and no show fabric underneath tops is a major win, win. 

Finding a bra that actually fits and feels good to wear is empowering. Likewise, embracing my body and not feeling like it’s only deserving of love when it’s a smaller size is empowering. My beloved plus-size community has always made me feel seen and represented. They’ve communicated the importance of body diversity and inclusivity, and PINK is the brand that’s actually listening.