You Choose: Vote for Our Editor’s Next Haircut

I have what I like to call a “high school haircut.” It’s long, straight, and inoffensively void of a point of view. In other words, it’s safe. At the risk of sounding crazy (or, at the very least, like I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking my hair), I’m fairly convinced that it’s inhibiting my personal style. I could be wearing the kind of on-point outfit that makes me feel Hannah-Horvath-in-a-mesh-tank-top confident, but if I’ve got uninspired hair, it sort of negates the whole effect. Realizing that something must be done with my wet blanket of a haircut, I did what any sane young woman in my situation would do: spend an undisclosed amount of time diving into a Pin-spiration K-hole.

I surfaced with some favorites in two categories. In the piece-y bob camp, I found a photo of a cool-looking girl I would probably like to be friends with, and an image of another cool-looking girl (Kate Bosworth) I would definitely like to be friends with. In the tousled bangs league, we have a convincing duo comprised of current Paris-based It-girl Jeanne Damas and iconic Paris-based It-girl Jane Birkin.

I could have submitted myself to another round of deep introspection, trying to determine which cut embodied my true spirit, but I think we can all agree that I’ve spent enough time thinking about my hair. Accordingly, I’m leaving my fate up to the hair gods (a.k.a. you). Help me decide by voting for your pick below, and on Monday January 26th I’ll get whichever cut wins and document it thoroughly in a follow-up post.

Scroll down to check out my current cut, the two new haircut options, and to cast your vote!