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Coming to Terms With "Not Forever, but Right Now"

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Why Ghosting May Have Been Good for My Mental Health

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Aging Is Highly Stigmatized, But It Shouldn't Be

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The Hustle: Meet the Passion-Driven Executive Championing Economic Equity in Retail

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Latinas Are Dominating the Beauty Industry—Here’s Why This Matters

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How One Woman Is Hoping to Destigmatize Locs in the Latinx Community

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I Got My Nipple Pierced to Feel More Ownership Over My Body

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Here's What I Learned After Trying to Live Like #ThatGirl TikTok For a Week

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Jessamyn Stanley Says Loving Yourself Is a Full-Time Job

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6 Latinx Instagram Creators Share How They Celebrate Their Culture Through Beauty

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3 French WOC Discuss the Myth of "French-Girl Style"

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Rihanna’s Latest Savage X Fenty Show Redefines What It Means to Feel Sexy

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I Took a Step Back From Drinking and It Changed My Life

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"Mixed-Race Hair" Is a Problematic Term—Here's Why

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My Decision to Get Breast Reduction Surgery Helped Me Love My Body

What It's Really Like Living With an Eating Disorder, 11 Years Later

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Meet the Photographer Who’s Creating the South Asian Representation We Need
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3 Nail Artists on How Intricate Work Has Made Them More Mindful

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This Black-Owned Brand's Newest Clothing Collection Brings Attention to Colorism

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I Tried The Latest From Brooklyn’s Best Cool-Girl Facialist

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I Got a Major Haircut and It Forced Me to Think Differently About Body Image

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Level Up: MeUndies Founder and CEO Prioritizes Mental Health and Celebrates the Small Stuff

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Christopher Griffin's Instagram Is a Black Queer Femme Wonderland Where Joy Comes First

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3 Queer People on How Getting Sober Changed Their Lives

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Why I'm Not Spending Any More Money on Pain

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To Shave or Not to Shave?

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Anti-Asian Hate Isn't Going Anywhere—And Neither Am I

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How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries When (or If) You Return to the Office

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Romanticizing Your Commute Is the Key to Overcoming Back-to-Work Anxiety

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The Best Outdoor Activities for Fall, According to Your Zodiac Sign

On Progress... and Languishing

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People Drinking and Crying on Social Media Has Actually Helped My Mental Health

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The Psychological Component of Reentry

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After a Year Without Makeup, I May Never Go Back

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Chronic Migraines and the Highly Sensitive Person—What You Need to Know

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My Relationship Looks Straight, but It's Very Queer

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How to Shed the "Should-ing" Mentality and Live on Your Own Terms

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Why I’m Rebuilding My Makeup Bag With Only Black-Owned Brands

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5 Signs You Should Unfollow People on Instagram for Your Mental Health

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A Back Injury Forced Me To Reassess My Relationship With Exercise

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6 Muslim Women on Using Makeup to Empower Their Identity

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I Experienced a Severe Case of Imposter Syndrome—Here's How I'm Healing

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As a Recovering Workaholic, Here's Why Hustle Culture Is Dangerous

Death Doulas Are in High Demand—But What Do They Do, Exactly?

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16 AAPI Makeup Artists to Add to Your Instagram Feed

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Billie's Pride Campaign Reclaims the Fairytale With an LGBTQ+ Take on Cinderella

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6 LGBTQ+ Beauty Creators on How Their Art Celebrates Pride Today and Every Day

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5 Personal Development Coaches on How Sharing Knowledge Can Be Healing

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Here's What Toxic Positivity Is Really About—And How You Can Avoid It

I Was a Vegetarian for Nearly 30 Years—Until I Wasn't

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How My Body Changed After I Turned 25

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I Had My Chakras Balanced—Here's Exactly What Happened

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5 Beauty Lessons I Learned When I Became a Mother

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Mother’s Day Is Not for Everyone