Watch This Makeup Artist Turn Her Lips Into Works of Art

Whether it's a quick brow tutorial or a full makeup look, there's something about beauty videos that makes us unable to look away. The repetitive motions, close-up shots, and perfectly placed makeup give us all the instant gratification we want without our having to lift a finger. With each video we watch, we fantasize more and more about how to get the look, and then we inadvertently end up watching about 20 more tutorials.

Such is the case when it comes to Vlada Haggerty's latest lip art clips on her Instagram page. The Los Angeles–based makeup artist is known for her lipstick drip art on social media, and her new YouTube channel videos are just as mesmerizing. Even if you hate lipstick, you'll want to watch these clips over and over again after taking a glance at her flawlessly curated Instagram page. From intricate florals to her signature bold drip art, you'll be completely fascinated by Vlada's serious skills.

Check out our favorite lip art video clips by the talented artist below.

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