Turns Out Everyone at NYFW Swears by This Hair Growth Supplement

Updated 09/13/18
Product Disclosure

Here at Byrdie Australia, we're all ears when a celeb, model, or industry professional shares a 10/10 product recommendation. Today's comes in the form of a hair growth supplement that seemingly everyone at New York Fashion Week is low-key obsessed with: Viviscal ($60). Packed with biotin, zinc, and marine proteins, it's designed to strengthen, reduce breakage, minimise shedding and thicken up fine hair.

With celebs like Jen Atkin (side note: Jen's Ouai supplements are great too) and Harry Josh as fans, we're convinced this might be the real deal. Karlie Kloss even told Into The Gloss: “I bought a 3-month supply. You take one in the morning and one at night, and literally the difference in my hair is like day and night… It’s amazing.” 

It's also got a stack of 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, meaning it's not only the celebrities of the world who consider it gold standard when it comes to hair growth. It's available at Priceline for $60 for a two-month supply, so it won't seriously dent your wallet, either. 

Keen to try it? Keep scrolling to shop. 

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplement 60 tablets $60

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