7 Supplements to Take When Your Stress Levels Are Sky-High

When those intense "Do I have an ulcer?" moments of stress kick in, it'd be nice to have a little outside help to get back to a state of zen (or at the very least, a state of minimal panic). In the past, we've discussed helpful breathing exercises to recalibrate your heartbeat and ease your mind, as well as practically medicinal teas to sip when the weight of the world feels like it's on your shoulders. But if you're in search of an even simpler, more compact method of relief, science says there are vitamins proven to help you relax. Of course, you'll want to check in with your physician before starting a new supplement regimen, but the below guide will be a good reference to bring to your appointment and review with your GP. For the bottles you'll want to keep handy when your day planner is chock-full of to-dos, keep scrolling.