6 Vitamins for Nails to Reverse Thin, Brittle Tips



Don’t you feel like you have your life together when your nails are thriving? Same. There’s just something about the feeling of long and strong nails with a fresh paint job that can turn your entire day around. On the other hand, breaking a nail is downright discouraging, but if you feel like your nails are always breaking or have been short and stubby forever, don’t give up hope just yet. This is just a sign that you aren’t giving your digits the TLC they need.

One of the best things we can do for A+ nails is taking vitamins. Vitamins for nails contain the nutrients to strengthen brittle digits and give you the length you’re after. Think of having strong nails like having healthy hair—nutrients are so necessary. We tapped two leading doctors of podiatric medicine, Jackie Sutera and Emily Splichal, to fill us in on the best vitamins for nails and their takes on how to achieve the nail goals you want.

If you notice chipping and frequent breaking of your nails, this is a sign you may be nutrient deficient,” explains Splichal. “You may also notice that your skin is dry, your hair is brittle, and your nails are cracked as the deficiencies typically happen at the same time.”

When trying to strengthen and grow out your nails, you have to be consistent and patient with the process, says Sutera: “Most people report noticeable changes after the two-month mark.” And according to Splichal, you may have to wait even longer for real changes. “Typically you want to allow at least one month of consistent supplementation to note an effect [or] change. However, sometimes it can take up to three months to see a benefit,” Splichal explains. But supplements aren’t a one-and-done solution. “In addition to a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, I suggest vitamins for nails should be taken daily for a lifetime. These healthy changes are lifestyle habits that shouldn’t only be done for a month and then you revert back to bad habits.”

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Love on your nails even more by rubbing coconut oil on them for some external nourishment. Up next, see how one little secret will work wonders for your nails.