This New Way of Ordering Food Just Made Losing Weight Super Easy

Updated 01/28/18

For anyone who's ever been on a diet or has very specific meal requirements, eating out can be tricky. Whether you're checking your macros, avoiding carbs, or even trying a meat-free diet (which is becoming more popular), you're likely to be met with multiple eye rolls from friends as you navigate the menus. But the "picky eater" label will no longer be applied thanks to an innovative way to order from restaurants, and it has everything to do with your DNA. Sounds like some Minority Report–level stuff? Well, that's because it kind of is. It'll also mean you can lose weight without even trying, as you'll be able to eat what you want. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to find out about this new restaurant innovation.

Courtesy of Vita Mojo

Vita Mojo is a restaurant chain that tailors your dietary requirements to your DNA. By teaming up with DNAFit—a company that uses cutting-edge science to work out how your DNA makeup should influence how you exercise and eat—Vita Mojo is creating personalised menus for every customer who comes into the Vita Mojo restaurants. 

So how does it work? Well, naturally you need to do a DNA test, which takes a saliva sample that's sent to DNAFit's labs. DNAFit then creates a profile of each individual's needs when it comes to eating.

This is where Vita Mojo comes in. The company then takes the DNA profile and uses its algorithm to recommend meals that take into account your DNA, your goals and your taste preferences. This all means that you don't have to eat anything you don't actually want to, as you'll already have specified your culinary likes and dislikes. Sounds pretty good to us.

By getting your DNA mapped for £187, you will have a profile of DNA "mutations" which will show you the kinds of foods you should avoid and the those you should eat more of—for example, how you metabolise caffeine, your omega-3 requirements, fat sensitivity, carbohydrate sensitivity, and more. All handy information to have whether you're dining at Vita Mojo or not.

The kit has to be ordered (which you can get on, a saliva sample provided and then sent back. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get the results back. But after this, Vita Mojo can provide meal plans with suggestions for the best meals to eat from the menu. 

While Vita Mojo only has three premises in London right now (Bank, St. Paul's and Spitalfields), the company is set to launch more restaurants and also lease this futuristic software to other restaurants as well to make this way of eating the norm. Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise. 

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