This Teen Cured Her Cystic Acne Using Green Tea and Honey—Here's How

Take one scroll through Instagram or Twitter, and it's likely you'll come across a skincare thread. Aside from "Bathleisure," it's the newest thing on social media. People share side-by-side photos that show their skin before and after a successful treatment or routine. Then they call out the exact products they used. It's an amazing way to share skincare tips and recommendations with their followers. It also brings an element of realness to an otherwise notoriously staged social media platform. Sometimes, whether it's hyperpigmentation, oiliness, or acne, it helps to know that there are thousands of other people who share your same skin concerns.

While there have been a few dramatic transformations we've called out in the past, including one that was thanks to an $8 moisturizer and another that was due to a prescription acne medicine, this one is unique. According to Allure, a teen from Las Vegas swears that her chronic acne was cured with only two all-natural ingredients: green tea and honey.