This Teen Cured Her Cystic Acne Using Green Tea and Honey—Here's How

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Take one scroll through Instagram or Twitter, and it's likely you'll come across a skincare thread. Aside from "Bathleisure," it's the newest thing on social media. People share side-by-side photos that show their skin before and after a successful treatment or routine. Then they call out the exact products they used. It's an amazing way to share skincare tips and recommendations with their followers. It also brings an element of realness to an otherwise notoriously staged social media platform. Sometimes, whether it's hyperpigmentation, oiliness, or acne, it helps to know that there are thousands of other people who share your same skin concerns.

While there have been a few dramatic transformations we've called out in the past, including one that was thanks to an $8 moisturizer and another that was due to a prescription acne medicine, this one is unique. According to Allure, a teen from Las Vegas swears that her chronic acne was cured with only two all-natural ingredients: green tea and honey.

Twitter user Hilda Paz Robles posted this side-by-side image, captioning it "Came a long way .. before and after trust the process." People were quick to take notice of the images. The first photo shows red and inflamed acne (some spots are even bleeding). The second image shows crystal-clear skin, with only a few variations in skin tone and texture left behind. You would think this dramatic transformation was due to a certain anti-acne product or dermatologist-prescribed medication. But it's not. She swears it came about after she enlisted the help of green tea and honey in her diet and skincare routine.

She drinks a cup of green tea with raw honey three times a week. She also applies it topically as a face mask by emptying tea bags into a bowl and mixing the leaves with raw honey. "I'd leave it on for at least 30 minutes," she says. "The max is probably two hours. I was just chilling around the house like that." She started making this DIY face mask three times a week as well, before cutting back to once a week. "A lot of people don't believe me," Robles told Allure. "I'm not saying it's going to work for everybody because I tried so many different things before that, and nothing was working."

The secret to her amazing skin transformation lies in the ingredients themselves. Green tea is high in antioxidants and can work as an anti-inflammatory on the skin. In other words, it can calm the redness and tenderness associated with acne. (This isn't the first time tea has been recognized as an amazing anti-acne ingredient. One editor's acne was completely cured by drinking the spearmint variety.) Raw honey is also anti-inflammatory. "It works to make inflammatory acne look less angry because it has an osmotic effect on the skin," Kavita Mariwalla, a dermatologist in West Islip, New York, told Allure. "It can draw out [excess fluid] and help reduce inflammation." It might even kill acne-causing bacteria. There you have it. Apparently green tea and honey are all you need to make a potent, powerful, and all-natural acne treatment.

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