Vipassana Meditation Helps You Sleep Better and Lowers Cortisol, So We're Down


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“The first thing that happens is less stress, anxiety, and reactiveness,” says Martha Soffer, an ayurvedic healer and founder of Surya Spa in Pacific Palisades, of the benefits of vipassana meditation. “That leads to better health, better sleep, and a better life.” (You had us at less stress.) Vipassana also focuses on the way we operate, which creates an awareness that helps us manage the world around us. “You’ll find yourself with clearer thought, more powerful thought, a calmer more responsive mind, and simultaneously, a more awake and energized mind,” Soffer continues. And all you need is your breath. So what is vipassana exactly, and how does it differ from other kinds of meditation? To find out, we interviewed Soffer and Heather Prete, a teacher at DEN Meditation.

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