Makeup Artist Violette's New Brand Makes "French Girl Beauty" Accessible

Violette_fr, Violette

If you haven’t heard of Violette, now is a good time to get familiar with the beauty icon and her wispy bangs and rosy red lip. Known for her namesake youtube channel (she’s racked up over 300k subscribers), the French makeup artist makes everything look easy, effortless, and fun. You'll catch her applying her signature cat eye in a cafe, dropping her skincare routine in a chic apartment bathroom, and schooling us Americans on French beauty classics like a red lip. And now, she’s launched her own beauty brand, Violette_fr, a vegan line focused on essentials.

The brand’s ethos is “safe, effective, efficient, luxurious and accessible.” Basically, products that anyone can use. The initial lineup features luxe makeup and perfume that could conceivably become vanity heroes (think universal highlighter and all-over moisturizing spray).

The Standouts

Violette_fr, Boum-Boum Milk
Violette_fr Boum-Boum Milk $58

We have our eye on the Boum-Boum Milk ($58), a multi-tasking 3 in 1 toner, serum, moisturizer spray you can use on your hair, body, and face. The key ingredients are hydrating birch sap, glacier water, and soothing powerhouse olive leaf extract.

Violette_fr, Yeux Paint
Violette_fr Yeux Paint $28

We also can't wait to recreate Violette's signature cat eye with the Yeux Paint ($28). The dual purpose shadow-and-liner comes in three metallic and three matte shades to line, blend, and smudge across the eye. 

Violette_fr, Petal Bouche Matte
Violette_fr Petal Bouche Matte $25

Petal Bouche Matte ($25), a velvety matte lipstick, delivers that classic Parisian red. Violette drew inspiration from the Jardin Bagatelle for the vibrant shade, and the texture is meant to replicate the feel of rose petals. "I had super high standards and was very very specific. I was driving the chemists absolutely crazy for so long," Violette says of the lab process.

You can grab the line and recreate your own effortless beauty look on

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