The 10 Cult-Loved Products Violet Grey Can Never Keep in Stock

With one brick-and-mortar store located in the beating heart of West Hollywood and a globally beloved website coined "The Industry's Beauty Edit", Violet Grey is essentially every beauty lover's ultimate oasis when it comes to elevated yet discerning product curation. If you don't know the unique story of the beauty destination's birth (it all started with an insatiable quest for the best eyelash curler), you can read more about it here. But to cut to the chase, its fawn-worthy product stock is the result of the Violet Code—an exclusive, highly talented grouping of the industry's top-tier professionals—from makeup artists to dermatologists to celebrities, and the products their unparalleled intel has deemed "the best". Dreamy, right?

That being said, the website is steeped in luxury, which involves a greater ratio of hefty price tags than your average jaunt to the drugstore. But what's truly lovely and addictively distinguishable about Violet Grey is the "discovery factor". By carrying the best brands and products in the industry, which have been "discovered, tested, approved, and filed," by those aforementioned experts, you're sure to find a slew of new beauty obsessions every time you step into the brand's glossy embrace. And if you're at first overwhelmed or unsure where to start, we honestly wouldn't blame you. Therefore, when we received a list from Violet Grey HQ detailing the top five products the brand is perpetually unable to keep in stock, we were intrigued and promptly asked for 10 more. Plus, to add even more beauty-loving fuel to the fire, Violet Grey's beauty director Jayme Cyk lent her personal two cents about the ten best sellers. Curious to find out which covetable beauty products Violet Grey shoppers compulsively collect? Keep scrolling.