#TBT: 10 Vintage Beauty Ads From Your Favorite Beauty Brands

Updated 09/23/16
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Modern-day beauty ads may get a lot of flack (“Where are her pores?!”), but let’s take a minute to pause and be thankful for the great technological advances we’ve made when it comes to the actual products these ads are promoting. For example, we should all be grateful for the fact that we no longer live in a society where something called “pancake makeup” is used as a positive term (feel free to apply your BB cream tomorrow with renewed appreciation).

In case you need a reminder of how different things really were way back when, keep scrolling for 10 amazing vintage ads from your favorite beauty brands!

Richard Avedon

Chanel, 1975

Can we just say that the ever-so-chic Catherine Deneuve makes us all wish we had an oversized bottle of Chanel No.5 ($74) to rest our heads on every night?


Max Factor, circa 1930

Originally developed to overcome makeup problems that arose with Technicolor films, we can all say that we are glad we have graduated to less, er, cakey alternatives. 


CoverGirl, Date Unknown

Back in simpler times, when the word “bedazzle” was still a good thing. (Also—Hi Tyra!)


Maybelline, Date Unknown

“Just two twists measure the right amount of color”—and when that color happens to be baby blue, feel free to apply all the way up to your brows! (RIP ‘80s.)


Almay, 1968

We highly enjoy the captions for the three photos on the bottom right. That is all.



Lancôme, Date Unknown

We like to imagine this ad as the original vanity Instagram shot. 


Maybelline, 1968

No-makeup makeup was clearly not having a moment in the ‘60s.  

Christian Dior

Dior, 1937

Matching your lipstick to your nails? Been there, done that. Matching your lipstick to your top hat—now that is an idea we can get behind.


Max Factor, circa 1950s

Because what could be better than cream puffs kissing your skin?


Maybelline, circa 1970s

Proof that when a product is really good, it sticks around. (Also, we have a feeling this model’s lashes are real, in which case we have a strong urge to buy a tube of Great Lash right now.)


Which one of these is your favorite? Tell us below!

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