This Is What Happened When I Worked Out Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

The Victoria's Secret fashion show

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It's a bit controversial, but whether you loved the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show or not—it was officially canceled in 2019 due to declining ratings—there's no question that the models had incredibly fit and toned physiques. They worked out hard pre-show and endured grueling workouts to tighten and tone every single muscle in their bodies before taking to the catwalk in their underwear. Though the VS Fashion Show was not without its share of controversy, we must say that the models who walked in the show were always at the top of their fitness game.

If you search YouTube for "Victoria's Secret workout," you'll find tons of videos of gym routines and workouts all promising to give you the body of Bella Hadid and Candice Swanepoel. Some of the models have even taken to starting their own YouTube channels to show off their workouts and give people a glimpse into what it took to train like a VS Angel. And while I'm not dedicated enough to ever get the body of a Victoria's Secret model, I did wonder what would happen if I were to try every VS workout I could find. Would my fitness actually improve? Would I tone up or slim down, or would I see zero results in return?

Find a rundown of all the Victoria's Secret workouts I tried (including the ones that worked and the ones that nearly killed me), below.

What is a Victoria's Secret Workout?

The VS Angels are all in great shape, and while some of that is due to genetics, they all have killer fitness routines, too. Victoria's Secret workouts are basically just workouts, sure, though they tend to target the areas the Angels are keen to show off: the arms, the butt, the legs, and the abs. They are also pretty intense, which means unless you're already very physically fit, with a solid routine you practice a few days a week, it's best not to jump in without a little precaution.

The best way to get in shape, Angel or not? Find a workout you love, and stick with it. "Running five to six days per week and eating chicken and broccoli for every meal, may positively affect your weight in the short term (if weight loss is your goal), but over the long term, it may not be the best plan of action," says Jacque Crockford, exercise physiology content manager at ACE Fitness, a nonprofit health coach certification organization. "Find healthy snacks and meals that you enjoy cooking and eating with family, so they can support you in your goals as well as selecting activities that increase your movement throughout the day while positively impacting your mental health. If you hate running, you don’t have to run – try hiking, skating, walking, biking, or swimming. If weight-lifting isn’t your jam, try rock-climbing or suspension training. Bottom line, keep things interesting and enjoyable. Your body and your mind will thank you for it!"

Sanne Vloet's 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

Equipment: Resistance bands (try Fitness Gear Resistance Bands, $20), dumbbells (Fitness Gear Neoprene Dumbbell Kit, $70), ankle weights (I didn't use any, but try P.volve's three-pound ankle weights, $23, and a yoga or floor mat (P.volve floor mat, $14)

Sweat factor: 3/5

Burn factor: 5/5

Alessandra Ambrosio + Tracy Anderson Full Workout

Equipment: Dumbbells, ankle weights, and a floor mat

Sweat factor: 4/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Romee Strijd's 15-Minute Ab Workout

Equipment: Exercise ball (BOSU ball, $135) and a floor mat

Sweat factor: 2/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Romee Strijd's 15-Minute Butt Workout

Equipment: Resistance bands, ankle weights, and a yoga or floor mat

Sweat factor: 2/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Victoria's Secret Sexiest Core Workout Ever

Equipment: Jump rope (Crossrope's starter set, $69, is weighted for more of a challenge), dumbbells, and a medicine or toning ball (Stott Pilates toning ball, $14)

Sweat factor: 4/5 (more if you continue the reps for longer)

Burn factor: 3/5

Candice Swanepoel Full-Body Workout

Equipment: Barre (this is a good one to try in the gym—otherwise, hold on to a chair) and a yoga or floor mat

Sweat factor: 2/5

Burn factor: 3/5

Adriana Lima Core Workout

Equipment: Fitness bar (ExerBand fitness bar, $22), ankle weights, and a yoga or floor mat

Sweat factor: 3/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Train Like an Angel: Runway Butt

Equipment: Ankle weights and a yoga or floor mat

Sweat factor: 3/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Adriana Lima Arm Workout

Equipment: Dumbbells, fitness bar, and boxing gloves (TITLE boxing gloves, $45)

Sweat factor: 3/5

Burn factor: 5/5 (my arms are weak!)

Martha Hunt + Body by Simone Workout

Equipment: Resistance bands, a towel to use on the floor, and a small exercise trampoline (Fitness Gear exercise trampoline, $50)

Sweat factor: 5/5

Burn factor: 4/5

Doutzen Kroes Workout

Equipment: Jump rope (Crossrope starter jump rope set, $69) and boxing gloves (TITLE gloves, $60)

Sweat factor: 4/5

Burn factor: 2/5

The Final Takeaway

Chloe Burcham tries a Victoria's Secret workout
Chloe Burcham

There's no denying that these workouts are hard. Even though the models in the videos might not break a sweat, I for sure did. Do I look like a Victoria's Secret model at the end of it? No. But do I feel fitter and more toned? Absolutely. At the beginning of said experiment (and having been majorly lax about my gym-going for quite some time), I struggled to do a push-up on my own, but not anymore. My legs, bum and arms all feel more toned. My stomach will always be my problem area, but it, too, definitely feels less jiggly.

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