VS PINK's Fan Fave Bras Are Now Partially Made From Recycled Materials

With more colors, styles, and patterns you could dream of.

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Natasha Hero

I am very fortunate to love my job. As a fashion and beauty editor I get to test new products before they launch, attend cool insider-only events, and speak to founders and celebrities on their innovative concepts and companies. And although I am grateful to love what I do, the longer I am in the industry, the more apparent it becomes of how much waste both the fashion and beauty sectors produce.

Privy to this information and eager to clear my carbon footprint consciousness, over the last few years I have made it a point to shop semi-exclusively from socially-mindful brands. I’ve invested in quality over quantity, avoiding fast fashion as much as I can; and made better efforts to shop labels who offer recycling initiatives, whether through give-back programs or materials sourced. Cleaning out my closet to fit into my new eco-friendly ethos was easier said than done, and specifically challenging when searching for bras. I began searching for bras that were made with second hand or recyclable materials, from brands that care about the planet, and don’t compromise on fashion for function. Fortunately, I came across PINK's new Wear Everywhere Bras.

A big fan of the bra already, I was eager to learn more about their latest improvement to the Wear Everywhere Bra Collection, featuring the same six Wear Everywhere Bra styles I love, now partially made from recycled materials. Available in 35 sizes from 32AA to 42DDD, I relished the opportunity to try out the bra and see how it could fit into my sustainable-focused routine. After testing for over five weeks now, below is my honest review of PINK’s new Wear Everywhere Bra. Spoiler: it fits like a glove.

The Bra

Blue Wear everywhere Bra

Like many, I became accustomed to a bra-less life throughout the pandemic so when I thought about wearing one, I had one main criteria: it had to feel invisible. And to my absolute delight, the moment I clasp the T-shirt bra on, I forgot about it. As someone who wore a wireless bra once in a blue moon over the last couple years, I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless it looks under all my tops, blouses, and dresses — showing no wires at all. But most importantly, it truly feels like I’m not wearing anything, while still giving me lift and coverage — a triple win. Plus, the cups are not overly padded, lined with just enough cushion to keep you comfortable, without restricting movement. 

And because of my petite 5’2 frame, I always find it difficult getting bras to fit my shoulders throughout the day. Oftentimes they will stay up for a couple hours just to fall down with longer lasting wear. What I like about the adjustable straps on the partially recycled T-shirt bra is the customization it offers. I am able to easily slide the applicator as tight as I want it, for a guaranteed support system throughout the day. 

And then there’s the variety: The T-shirt bra can be purchased in a wide assortment of colors and patterns — my personal favorite is the tie-dye — along with matching undies. All in all, whether you’re strictly a t-shirt lightly lined consumer or want to experiment with: push up, wireless push-up, super push-up, wireless lightly lined, or strapless push up — there is a bra for you. 

Offered in the brand's highly coveted collection, you can buy 2 for $56, an absolute steal in the land of intimates where most bras average $36-78. Plus, PINK has you covered with bras designed in sizes 32AA to 42DDD, a great fit for different body types.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get consumed and overwhelmed with the environmental impact you are making once it becomes known to you. And although it doesn’t happen overnight, making small changes to your shopping habits is not only good for you, but for the planet as well. Kick off your closet refresh with PINK’s new Wear Everywhere Bras and get the same everyday comfort from the bra collection you love, now partially made from recycled materials. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want perfect coverage while still looking cute.

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