EXCLUSIVE: How Victoria's Secret Angels Stay Fit (Plus, Their Fave Healthy Meals!)

Updated 09/23/16

A few weeks ago, we asked Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, and Martha Hunt to share their best beauty secrets for glowing skin and shiny hair. This week, we’re switching the focus to their fitness routines—or rather, the secret to exactly how they keep their banging bods in shape. Lucky for us, they were more than happy to divulge. We might not be walking down a runway anytime soon, but hey—a little fitness motivation never hurt nobody.


Click through the slideshow above to find out the workout of choice for these three Angels, plus their favorite healthy meals!

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Aldridge is naturally lithe and graceful, so it’s no surprise she chooses ballet as her workout of choice. “Ballet Beautiful is an amazing workout that got me back into awesome shape after having my daughter, Dixie,” she says. “I feel better than ever!” Drawing from founder Mary Helen Bowers’ own professional ballet background, the workout combines targeted exercises and stretches to sculpt and tone.

When it comes to healthy, filling meals, Aldridge keeps it simple. “My go-to healthy meal at home is roasted chicken and veggies,” she says. When she’s on the go, she makes a superfood smoothie: “It’s packed with nutrients that give me energy all day!” Not sure what to put in your smoothie? These ingredients will not only fuel your body, but give you amazing skin.

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Swanepoel brings it back to the basics when it comes to keeping her body in shape. “My secret is that I always stay active in my daily life,” she says. “It’s the small things, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.” If it means having legs like Swanepoel’s, then our elevator days are officially behind us.

For energy during long days of shoots and travelling, Swanepoel sticks to three basics: “Protein, quinoa salads, and loads of vegetables give me the energy I need,” she says. 

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Hunt isn’t coy when we ask her how she keeps her body toned and svelte. “Brooklyn Body Burn,” she says. “It’s a megaformer machine that seriously changed my body!” Every class is 50 minutes, and combines elements of Pilates and cardio at high intensity. Basically, expect to sweat—a lot.

When it comes to healthy foods, Hunt swears by almond butter—it’s full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamin E, and more. She also puts it in her superfood smoothie: “I love a smoothie with coconut water, coconut meat, almond butter, spinach, and banana.” Yum!


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