How to Get VS Angel Waves at Home, by the Show’s Lead Hairstylist

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There's something about those famous Victoria's Secret waves. They're so effortless, yet so clearly intricately tended to. While we wish they were as simple as waking up looking that flawless (à la Beyoncé), turns out they're as simple as pushing a button on a curling iron. Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa and her genius Beachwaver curling iron were the official hair sponsors of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year, and taught us some expert tips for getting the look down pat.

Can you tell us about how you became the official hair sponsor for Victoria's Secret? What was it like receiving this opportunity?

Potempa: I'm a celebrity hairstylist known for creating big voluminous gorgeous beachy waves. I created the Beachwaver to easily get this style in minutes. So many people have told me that using the Beachwaver gives them the Victoria's Secret hair so this was the perfect partnership! I am so excited for this opportunity and to show the world how to get this iconic look at home. 

Where did you get the inspiration for tonight's look? 

Potempa: I'm inspired by modern women who want to look effortless but glamorous at the same time. The look is relaxed, voluminous waves and can be easily achieved by using the Beachwaver. 

Describe the Victoria's Secret Angel waves in three words. 

Potempa: Effortless, sexy, beachy.

What's the secret to long-lasting beachwaves? 

Potempa: The secret is to allow your curls to cool. Then, use a flexible hair spray by applying it directly onto your brush. Brush through your beachwaves to soften and lock in your curl.

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How does the Victoria's Secret wave differ from the traditional beachwave, or is there no difference?

Potempa: The Victoria's Secret wave is a looser windswept beachwave with a lot of volume at the root. To get more volume, use the lightweight dryer with a flexible mousse at the root and over-direct the hair to get extra lift. To create the more relaxed curl, you beachwave just the middle section of the hair.

What's something beginners need to know about beachwaving their hair?

Potempa: It rotates and you control it! Make sure to tap the buttons and start on the slower speed to get a feel for it. Also, a key to easy curling is sectioning. Pull all your hair forward and work in horizontal sections curling one-inch pieces of hair starting at the bottom. The clamp always faces the mirror and leave some ends out. Press the button to curl away from your face to get the effortless angel hair. For that tousled, sexy, effortless look, brush out the waves with the Beachwaver On Set styling brush and use a flexible hairspray. 

Can girls with curly/natural hair use the Beachwaver too? 

Potempa: Yes! It's important to brush out the natural texture at first to smooth it. If your hair is curly, you can still create waves as you normally would with the Beachwaver for a defined, polished look. If it is more frizzy, you need to use the Beachwaver Mini Touch Up to smooth the root to eliminate frizz before beachwaving. 

Ed note: Quotes have been edited and shortened for content.

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