There Is Now a Victoria's Secret Fitness Instagram Account

The day I accepted the fact that I was too short to meet the height requirement of a Victoria’s Secret model was a hard pill to swallow. I hung up my wings before I could even get a good strut in them; I thought my dreams were simply out of reach. But being fit like a VS model? Now that’s something I can handle.

Two VS models, Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes, created a fitness Instagram account called @JoJa (for Josephine and Jasmine, of course) for even the most introductory fitness individuals. The account focuses on their health and wellness journey, filled with quick tips and easy-to-follow moves you can do straight from your living room.

“We just want to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle,” Tookes told Vogue. “It’s always about learning and keeping the body on its toes,” added Skriver. “We can’t wait to keep JoJa going strong and show everyone everything we have learned!”

When you have an extra pair of wings—or hands—helping you, the sky is the limit. So go ahead—grab a Bkr water bottle ($35) and watch the clips below for an easy and totally manageable sweat sesh!