The Secret Behind Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Brunette Hair


Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Few present-day hairstyles are as iconic as the bombshell waves on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway. Tousled to perfection and glossy beyond belief, these boudoir-meets-beach stylings are constantly coveted by girls the world over, and we've tried it all to get the Angel waves at home.

Thankfully, sometimes the masters behind these otherworldly stylings spill their secrets to aspiring angels. Most recently, celebrity colorist Shah Karegar, the mastermind behind the dark tresses of brunette Victoria's Secret beauties like Irina Shayk and Barbara Fialho, filled PopSugar in on what goes into achieving those impossibly luscious locks.

"Try not to shampoo it more than twice a week," Karegar advised regarding not only color-treated hair but natural hair as well. "The reason why a lot of brunettes get mousey is because their hair is dehydrated, whether it's [from] the sun or being shampooed quite often." To ensure that your hair stays healthy, he recommends hydrating your hair "as much as possible" with a high-quality conditioner.

Karegar warns against allowing your hair to become overprocessed through too much styling. To strengthen his clients' locks, he uses Uberliss Bond Treatment when coloring. For the show, he achieved Shayk's gorgeous brunette shade running "some lowlights using all vegetable colors," throughout, never using permanent dyes, to maintain her all-natural look. 

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