ALERT: Victoria Beckham's New Makeup Line Is Here


Norman Jean Roy for Vogue

Typically, we first hear about A-list beauty collabs and launches through whisperings and word of mouth, and then we confirm it with a little sleuthing (read: stalking Instagram for clues, or in Rihanna's case, checking trademark records). But then there's Victoria Beckham. Ever the one to shoot straight from the hip, the fashion designer bypassed the rumor mill outright by announcing last year that she would definitely venture into beauty "at some point."

Well, we're happy to report that "some point" has arrived—and Vogue shared the exclusive details with us. In a new profile for the mag's September issue, Beckham reveals that she'll be launching a 14-piece capsule makeup collection with Estée Lauder. Based on years of wearing and loving cosmetics, as well as the cities she's most inspired by, the range will be split into four mini-collections (titled New York, London, Los Angeles, and Paris) and will be available for purchase starting September 13 on