From Eye Drops to Crystals, 6 Beauty Items Victoria Beckham Keeps in Her Bag


Getty/Peter White

If we're dying to know about Victoria Beckham's most essential products, it's not just because the designer has recently joined the beauty game. Don't get us wrong—we're beyond excited for her new makeup and skincare line with Estée Lauder. But as working women, we're intrigued by Beckham's on-the-go beauty staples mostly because she's, well, constantly on the go. Between her highly successful fashion line, her new makeup collab, other career demands, and motherhood, we kind of have to assume that whatever items Beckham always has on hand have to be kind of amazing.

Fortunately we just found out exactly what those products are. In a new video for British Vogue, Beckham gives the world an intimate look inside the bag she takes everywhere—and her essentials are just as fascinating as we could have hoped. From crystals to eye drops, keep reading to see which beauty items Beckham takes everywhere.

What do you think of Beckham's daily essentials? Which products can you never leave the house without? Sound off below.