How to Get a "Glass-Like Glow," According to Victoria Beckham

The fashion icon breaks down the beauty look at her SS23 show.

makeup look at Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham  beauty

Victoria Beckham debuted her Spring/Summer 2023 collection at the close of Paris Fashion week, with bright, feminine pieces galore. Bella Hadid's chartreuse gown and black latex gloves have already made headlines, but the entire collection's bold colors and peek-a-boo details are worthy of your attention. The complementary beauty look—understated yet gorgeous glowing skin and a polished nude lip—is equally deserving of some accolades. Below, Victoria Beckham herself breaks down the inspiration, and how to get the look.

"This is our first show in almost three years, and after a quiet period, I was ready to go back to a show," Beckham exclusively tells Byrdie. "The format always excites me—it’s a different rhythm and it’s fantastic to be able to invite people into our world. I think it does make a designer consider their clothes differently—I never create clothes purely for show, but in a runway format you do consider pieces that have, perhaps, more impact. It encourages you to take risks which I think we have done, we’ve pushed ourselves in terms of construction, in terms of color and decoration. We really want to offer our woman something brave and new—to satisfy her wants and needs, but get her excited with something unexpected."

Model at the Victoria Beckham show

Victoria Beckham Beauty

To complement the bolder clothes, the team stuck with a Victoria signature for the makeup: a glowy, natural look. "We honed in on the natural 'French-girl' beauty," she says. "It’s all about the elevation of women, so we sought after that effortless confidence." She describes the look perfectly as "fresh-faced and glowing! We wanted to highlight radiant skin while still letting the clothing be the focus of the show. And since this was our first time showing in Paris, I wanted to pay homage to classic French 'natural-yet-polished' beauty."

Model backstage at Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Beckham worked with legendary makeup artist Diane Kendall for the looks. "Diane is such a fabulous makeup artist," she says. "We really collaborated together to create that minimalistic, no-makeup makeup look. We wanted healthy, hydrated skin to be the star of the beauty show."

Diane Kendall doing a Victoria Beckham model's makeup

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Since the focus was on gorgeous skin, Kendall prepped the models with the Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum ($125) and Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer ($95) for a healthy, hydrated complexion. Even more glow was added with the Reflect Highlighter Stick ($42) "to add to that gorgeous glass-like glow." Finally, each model received an application of Posh Lipstick ($38) in either Smile or Pose for a "purposeful nude lip. The final result was a refreshed look with a wash of color."

Model at Victoria Beckham show

Victoria Beckham Beauty

In true icon fashion, Beckham was not only inspired by the clothes, but some of her own beauty signatures. "I love that glowy, dewy skin look (and it has become very popular recently), so this was definitely the focus of the final look," she says. "Besides that, everyone knows I love a good lip-look, so it only felt right to feature Posh Lipstick. The range of wearable neutrals fit into the beauty look we were going for, while also adding that boost of confidence."

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