Victoria Beckham on Sleep, Contouring, and the Skincare Products She Swears By

Quick: Name two pop stars who turned their girl-group past into a lucrative fashion career. If you can’t, that’s because there’s only one—and it’s obviously Victoria Beckham. You’d think that after basically achieving world domination as part of the Spice Girls in the early 2000s, Beckham might spend a few years taking it easy. Not so—shortly after her pop quintet disbanded, Beckham founded an eponymous label and soon became the darling of New York Fashion Week (trust me when I say that there are few shows editors will wake up at the crack of dawn to see on a weekend, and hers is one of them).

When I meet with her at the penthouse of the Greenwich Hotel to learn about her second makeup collection with Estée Lauder, I am a bit nervous. Everything about Victoria Beckham’s public image is just, well, posh, for lack of a less overused word—from her sleek, understated style to her signature smolder versus smile into the camera to her sky-high cheekbones and iconic chin-grazing haircut. I repeat: posh. But the woman in a perfectly tailored white button-down and mint-green skirt who stands up to greet me is surprisingly soft-spoken and warm, with no airs to be found whatsoever.

As Beckham walks me through every item in her new cosmetics collection—inspired by London, Paris, New York, and Miami (her favorite cities)—it’s like watching a mother lovingly beam as her child sings a solo in the school play. “I think I’m a bit different from other celebrities who collaborate with makeup brands,” she muses. “Those women are usually actresses or singers. I’m not. I’m a designer, and this is what I do, so I really was involved every step of the way and feel so strongly about each of the products included.”

This second collection is a luxurious set of glow-giving creams, shimmery mousses, and of-the-moment shades ranging from cobalt blue to plum—and, of course, various shades of Beckham’s signature nude lipstick. You can feel the care that was put into every product from the moment you pick it up (the packaging is weighty, with a mix of matte black and gilded gold) to when you swish it across your skin. In short, it’s modern yet timeless—just like Victoria Beckham herself.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the collection, as well as some of Beckham’s own beauty tips, in her own words.