The Foundation Applicators of the Future Are Here—and They Vibrate



When you hear the word “vibrate,” makeup probably isn’t the first thing to spring to mind—but that might change soon. Put down your Beautyblender and listen up: The makeup applicators of the future are here. These aren’t your everyday beauty sponges, or even rotating brushes à la BlendSmart's Automated Makeup Brush System ($69)—nay, these sponges actually pulsate, which supposedly allows your foundation to disperse evenly and give you a smoother, more airbrushed finish. 

I took Color Me’s version—which vibrates at the rate of 15,000 sonic pulses per minute—for a spin, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The applicator was soft and felt-like, and gliding my foundation over my face was a strangely soothing experience. I was left with skin that looked like my skin—only you know, without any dark spots, pores, or blemishes. Since Color Me’s launch, other brands have created their own versions, and we predict this may just be the next beauty craze. For anyone who has struggled using a beauty sponge or re-creating the skilled strokes of a professional makeup artist, this might be the product you’ve been waiting for. The only downside? You’ll have to switch out the sponges often, which can add up in the long run. But for perfect, poreless skin with zero effort? It might just be worth ti.

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